The Season of Our Discontent

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    Hanson comments on the sour mood prevailing re energy, budget deficits, and Iraq.

    The Season of Our Discontent
    By Victor Davis Hanson
    October 14, 2005

    In sheer numbers, more people are working than at any time in our history. Home ownership is at record levels. We haven't been attacked in more than four years. And yet even low unemployment, low inflation and low interest rates have not brought the public a sense of calm, given the worry over energy costs, national debt and the war abroad.

    Usually such angst — less than half the population expresses confidence in the administration — would lead to the opposition's advantage. It hasn't, as the Democrats are offering no systematic alternative to meet the growing anguish.

    And the fatalism of a normally can-do public grows. Voters no longer trust once tight-fisted Republicans to balance the budget, while the old war party of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy is no longer credible on national security. The voters want to both expand traditional domestic energy sources and to curtail consumption, but the two horn-locked parties see these solutions as either/or rather than compatible.

    The result of this petrified leadership is that while things are not nearly as bad as they seem, the public in its frustration feels they are far worse.

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