The Savages That Israel Faces: Two Muslimas Honor-Killed For "Bad Morals"

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    Honor Killed For "Bad Morals" :bow3:

    CAIRO: A double bill of honor killings have hit Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria, where two women were murdered by a family member as punishment for their actions.

    Two women in Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city on the Mediterranean coast, were killed by their brothers, both allegedly for preserving the family’s “honor.”

    The first murder happened in Ameriya village, where a mechanic killed his sister after hearing rumors about her. The second killing by an unemployed man in Borg al-Arab, who killed his married sister for allegedly fleeing her home with another man.

    Egyptian newspaper al-Badeel reported that the first woman, 24, was stabbed to death by her brother in the family’s home after he heard rumors about her behavior. The dead woman’s mother, who witnessed the killing, confessed to the police of her son’s crime, saying he committed it in their house.

    The man was captured and confessed to killing his sister, justifying it by commenting on “her bad morals.”

    The second woman, 22, was found dead on the Marsa Matrouh coastal road, with a noose around her neck, fully dressed and bleeding. Identifying the body and asking the family for information, the woman’s uncle confessed that her brother, an unemployed laborer, killed his married younger sister after he accused her of fleeing her home with a stranger.

    The judicial system in Egypt seems to always give weaker sentences to men accused of murdering a female family member, giving them the benefit of “preserving their honor.”
    Two honor killings hit Egypt’s Alexandria - Bikya Masr

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