The right's reaction to losing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Oldguy, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Have you noticed the right's reaction to losing?

    FOX is trying desperately to link the Petraeus affair to Benghazi, with the obvious intent of making it into an impeachable offense. Since they control the House, where bills of impeachment must arise, it's entirely possible that we'll have to go through that circus again.

    Boehner and other congressional leaders are saying Obama must lead on the important issues, though none are promising co-operation. They don't want to do what's best for the country, but to blame Obama for a "lack of leadership" when negotiations fall apart.

    Mike Huckabee is now pushing his listener's to join AMAC, a "conservative" old people's organization founded in 2007. The objective is probably to draw away membership in AARP, reducing their influence.

    They've elevated that old Bushbot and true team player John Cornyn to Minority Whip in the Senate, in spite of the fact that as the head of their election efforts, he failed to deliver a Republican majority in the Senate. Whip positions him to be the next President Pro Tempore if the party regains control of that house in 2014.

    21 states, mostly red, have petitioned for secession in what is obviously an orchestrated campaign. *They didn't win the election, so they want out.

    Mitt Romney blames his loss on Obama giving minorities "gifts." In other words, that he bought the election.

    Many rank and file supporters believe the election was stolen by vote counting shenanigans. In spite of there being no evidence to support that theory, investigations are being mounted.

    In other words, they intend to go right on doing what they've been doing…pushing the nation off a cliff to win in 2016.
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    However, the majority of Americans see the GOP as the problem. They did this once before with Clinton, and it worked out very poorly for them. The GOP has a knack for repeating stupid mistakes.

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