The Return To Welfare, Food Stamps & MediCaid--Of American Civil Rights(?)!

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    So in Presidential Policy, in a now more inclusive military--the DAR can now fight for its right to be so lame: As to be thought, "Gay(?)!" Of the Civil Rights movement, of the 1960's, "Camelot" fittingly became the land of welfare, food stamps, and medicaid. Lyndon Johnson created the "Great Society," under which welfare spending increased nearly three times. 500,000 would otherwise become newly, federally involved and engaged in Vietnam. This was widely thought to be an extension of New Deal Liberalism. It was not entirely clear, however, that the Vietnamese even had any Jews living there, much less being cremated. The Reagan Revolution would end the war part, but increase the defense spending--claiming that was the federal "Entrepreneurial Spirit" that liberals at the White House, even like crow about. Noted is that occurs, mostly in chortled. not too public moments, near to where Senate Leaders are thought to come from.

    TANF and Federal Welfare | Downsizing the Federal Government

    Cited in the link above is a relatively statistical look at the horror of it all. The Civil Rights liberals had created a dead-end stop for the lower income market-place. No one even rich could escape. So Cato Institute does not discusss much about the "Reagan Revolution," and why the rich levels of the market had therefore to be so federally funded. That would be left up to Harvard Law School educated households, especially at the White House--after Clinton. Now as a caution, in between the Clinton Ivy League, and the Obama Ivy League, was a kind of "Black Hole" Ivy League from which even White People would again find no escape, caught in the "Great Recession." The War Spending was way too little, and not even enough to provide body armor for the troops in the field. It is noted that "Heaven" is a concept, even in sports stadium seating--and at the Ivy League. All of a sudden, there was proof(?)!

    "TANF" created block grant spending, after Reagan, with local governments more in charge of the outcomes. A low income rural family, for example, had different subsistence requirements from a low income urban family. 69 additional federal programs would be created instead. TANF spending itself would remain under $20.0 bil., with the total largesse of the federally funded, Ivy League, entrepreneurial classes getting about $700.0 bil., not one time--Like TARP. They would actually get it every year.

    Welfare spending cut in half since reform - Aug. 9, 2012

    Likely the liberals, and certainly the bankers, are aware of the Federal Largesse. The complaint about TARP, likely from the Ivy League: Is that it is not an annual spending amount in the federal budget. How come the Welfare Bureaucrat--already prosperous--should get all the federal funding?

    And so there was the collossal failure of the Obama-Biden stimulus spending to create any kind of new stimulation, post-the-lubrication, "Ooooooh! Yeeesssss!" (Noted is that the Ivy League fails completely at discussions of the Facts Of Life! Noted is that a Centrist White House, at least attempted remedy of that problem!). Rather than creating a State and Local tax base, there was a kind of "block grant" malaise kind of concept, funding the already prosperous: Bureacucrats and publically funded educators. In a kind of "law professorial" mentality: The regular economy was apparently thought to have no legal standing to any of the spending(?)!

    And so the "nature" of it all now turns to "Gay" Civil Rights!

    Mostly anyone might have expected: That to be the outcome, of it all.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many go to carnival--look into the funny mirrors--try to mask real imagery, of themselves and others. Many Others(?) actually go to the Ivy League schools, and the lesser Ivy League Schools, and to the pricey prep schools instead--to try to mask the real imagery, of themselves and the other others(?)! Others tend to be thought smart(?) Other Others tend not be thought smart(?)!)
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