The Red Elephant in the room we are all ignoring

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    Where are all the Jobs ??
    How do we create jobs in America ?
    Why isn't anyone doing anything about it ?
    Why aren't the politicians doing anything about it ?

    Why are we asking these questions when all you have to do is look in your pantry or anywhere and simply look at where these products are produced.....

    That is where the jobs are ...

    That is who is working...

    The answer is so simple it is utterly ridiculous that we are not even discussing it... but then again... perhaps there is something fishy here... something down right devious and outright problematic as to why we are not discussing the "real" problem.

    We American's can't compete with China's workforce.

    OUCH ! :eek:

    How utterly unAmerican to say such a thing... How unpatriotic !! How very ... ummm ... True ?

    Let's be real about things for a moment... Is there really anyone who thinks that we (Americans) are willing to work for $10/day or whatever the going daily labor cost is in China ? Seriously ? The obvious answer is ...ummm .....No.

    Is the use of cheap labor by large corporations something new ? Again..the answer is No.

    So what does a country do to keep jobs in it's borders ?

    Is this a new problem that no country has ever faced before ?? or is this a problem that has been solved for centuries ? I propose it is the second option.

    For centuries kings and queens and all sorts of governments have used a very simple technique to protect their industries.... and most are still using them today...


    Now as I said earlier ... this seems a simple solution to an obvious problem in America... A simple way to create jobs is to stop the use of cheap labor outside the country to manufacture goods sold inside the country.... not to mention a source of income for the Federal Government.

    But why is this not being considered ?

    Seriously... why is this not even being discussed ?

    Who is keeping this off the public air waves ? and why ?

    Do you think this is just because THEY the politicians don't want you to pay too much for items at Walmart ?

    Or IS it because Walmart or other Multinationals don't want their politicians to cut into their profits ?

    And who exactly is benefiting from this ? Overall ? The American worker ?
    America or some other Country ?

    Is America today... in a position to not care ? to not even discuss this ?

    Is this too complicated for the general public to understand ?

    Perhaps that is the reason ...but my gut tells me the public might be very capable of understanding this concept... in fact.. I would say that it is purposefully being kept away from public discussion because the general public would DEMAND something was done if this topic was actually discussed properly.

    But what happens when this topic is broached in a public forum ?

    hmmmm lets see....

    Experts whose very jobs depend on trade with other countries speak out...

    Experts who work for massive multinationals speak out ...

    Politicians who are funded by multinationals brush off the topic by claiming how America wants "Free Trade" and less taxes.

    Interesting how they use that phrase "Free Trade", isn't it ?

    Free Trade within the boarders ... is that the same as "Free Trade" outside the boarders of the US ?

    Do we control what another countries laws are ?

    Should we try ?

    I propose that No we don't ...and no we shouldn't..

    I propose that we should do what's in the best interest of the general public when it comes to trade taxation....and if your head is hurting right now... going ugh..this is too much.. I don't want to think about it...

    Then think about this one question.... a simple one..

    Who ...

    Who is responsible for setting these import tax rates ?

    Who is in control of this ? Just name someone...

    Please let me know... I don't.

    I even asked the office of the Secretary of State...and guess what .... they said it's outside their jursidiction.

    How wonderful... I mean.. surely such a simple question should have a simple answer.... lol.

    I'm all ears on this one...and as a supporter of the Tea Party.... and doing what's smart for America... this is about as "American" as it gets guys...

    You wanna take back America ???...well a good damn portion of America is in the belly of that Giant Red Elephant in the room we are all ignoring.

    Your comments as always are welcome.
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