The Reagan Trajectory Is Back! Even Michael Jackson Is (Suspiciously(?)) Dead!

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    Clearly, the Laws Of The United States are now satisfied, in the case of Michael Jackson, who is age 50 dead already. DEA and LAPD are both engaged.

    Somewhere noted, "If Laid-Off Workers who have given up looking for new jobs or have settled for part-time work are included, the unemployment rate would have been 16.5% in June, the highest on record dating to 1994." Black teenage unemployment would be at 40% in May of that year--confirming what the Obama Family, and the West Wing, have intended all along. The Obamas are Harvard Law School educated, like others.

    Under he law, the rich get the same percentage raises as the poor. With Reagan, just to make sure: They got Defense Contracts as well.

    Mathematically, the distance between the rich and poor increases.

    Black youth gangs got colored shoe laces, and turf wars, with no life participation, including in the Defense Contracting work. Others, that LAPD and DEA can even name, (even now), bought the drugs.

    The Michael Jackson death may be mourned in some quarters--that anyone can think of. Actually, however, the West Wing traditionally. does keep the money. Supporters of the West Wing generally keep the money. The Bureaucracy keeps the money. The legislative bodies keep the money.

    Nobody knows this in America! Not even lawyers know this in America(?)! Judges don't know this. Constitutional Law professors, (from Harvard), don't know this(?)! That's the law!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (When the plot thickens, the drugs sicken, and the clergy caused it all--on both sides of the aisle(s)!)
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