The Radical Approach To Economics (Works!)

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    So far in August, with Cash for Clunkers in only its Third Week--There is increase of Consumer Confidence again in the USA.

    Consumer Confidence Stronger in August: Survey - Economy * US * News * Story -

    It is not too soon, even on The Coast, to tell the Town Hall Meeting disrupters to, "Put that in your pipes and smoke it!" On The Coast, we have prescriptions, now. Health Care will once again: Be under control.

    How do we know our futures in America, even on The Coast, when the schools are so bereft of anyone with any clue?

    1) Economics is not like "Scientific Creationism," or "The Reagan Trajectory:" Of our famous Ivy League, and the Swedes who send them money and prizes--for strange reasons only they themsleves know.

    2) A market--in the usual sense of an economy--has a measuring device: Called the Income Scale. The scale itself is worthless. People who contend for a return to the Gold Standard--like to contend that(?). The income scale has value, when the money in it comes from supplying demand, which is then demanded(?).

    3) People from the '60's know about non-negotiable demands, which are often at gun-point--in lands far away--and about product offers that cannot be refused, like in the old Soviet Bloc. In America, at one time, you could even have any color of car that you wanted--as long as it was black.

    4) If the income scale is skewed, such that the upper part gets more than the lower part--prices rising equally for all parts, like in housing prices, and their mortgages--then clearly unaffordable inflation happens. The money has-had to come from somewhere, and eventually it became federal bailouts.

    5) That was radical wrong--since there was no illusion about priming any Keynesian Pumps, or whatever it was he really wore.

    6) Cash For Clunkers became Radial Right, aka Centrist, aka Communist, aka Jewish, aka Holy Communion(!)(?)! Everyone eligible, got the same wafer and sip--even if they were rich or poor--and could apparently sip a lot(?)!

    7) There is inflation in said economies, so the wafer and the sip tend to become worthless, unless adjusted for the decrease in the power of the intended outcome. In the case of the currency, that is about purchashing. The equal payment amount gets indexed.

    8) That was actually put into place in the 1986 Tax Reform of the Liberals, but was not put into place at the payroll source. They put it into the Tax Code, and tax rolls all came tumbling down. Bush had an MBA and couldn't see that. Bush saw "Weapons of Mass Destruction" instead: With the same degree. It was back off to non-negotiable demands, usually at gunpoint, in lands far away.

    9) The Obama "Trajectory" Liberals have only the refundable tax credit, with no indexing, lno ong-term commitment to continuation, or an increase; or any relationship to anything tangible in the marketplace at all. Many would say, "That is to be expected." Mainly, apparently, it just sounded kind of cool.

    10) The one-time radical jolt, however, seems to have made its presence felt!

    11) There is more--so to speak--yet to come!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred.'
    (School, of course, is vastly different from it all: Apparently, especially, on The Coast(?): If any!)
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