The race between the jew and the black

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    Walter Shapiro, writing for Yahoo under dateline November 16, 2012,
    questions who the next Secretary of State may be
    and says that:

    "Barack Obama’s ill-camouflaged inclination to name Susan Rice,
    would normally be about as contentious as, well,
    a confirmation hearing for David Petraeus in 2011."

    It is true, of course, that Hilary will soon be gone, for
    Hilary is pretty far-gone,
    and was pretty far gone
    when, between so many trips to so many countries,
    she managed to mismanage the Libya thingee so badly,
    and to characterize the US, and the West, and Obama, and herself,
    by saying things like "Gaddafi dead or alive",
    and then, when Gaddafi was dead,
    having been killed by extreme and near unbelievable torture,
    including a bayonet ramned up his ass,
    was heard to exult: "We came, we saw, he's dead."

    But aside from the bayonet ramming,
    there was so little sex in the Gaddafi killing, if any at all,
    that unlike the Benghazi thingee, that has expanded to include sex,
    Congress did not see an audience
    following with my appreciation
    an investigation to see how far up Gaddafi's ass the bayonet was ramned.

    Anyway, what is true today
    is that now there are but two leading contenders for the office of Secretary of State,
    one being Susan Rice, who just happens to be a Black,
    and the other being John F. Kerry, who just happens to be a Jew.

    Susan and Kerry
    can be distinguished from each other in many ways,
    including their Ivy League alma maters,
    and, including especially,
    the fact that Susan always knew and always claimed to be Black,
    while Kerry says he did not know he was a Jew until post-puberty
    and that reminds us, of course,
    of Madeline Albright, a former US Secretary of State,
    who said she did not know she was a Jew until late in life---
    at any rate when she was post-menopausal.

    In conclusion, dear hearts and gentle and gentile people,
    in almost any Washingtonian contest between a Jew and a Black
    you can always count on the Jew winning over the Black---
    take as an example Axelrod over Obama.


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