The psychodynamics of terrorism

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    The psychodynamics of terrorism

    Abstract: Drawing on notions from comparative religion, and also Freud's discussion of the death drive, light is shed on the psychodynamic principles behind terrorism, and the bottomless evil of mankind, in general. Terrorism is not foremostly a political problem, or a problem deriving from poverty. Nor is it an evil that derives from unshackled instinctual forces. Terrorism, and the even greater problem of bullying and victimization of our peers, derive from an archaic psychic economy of sin transference. Following St Paul, people can be vaccinated against this evil, by forsaking ideological grandiose ideals; by giving up the search for the perfect, blissful, condition of outer life, and instead learn that 'the kingdom is within.'

    Keywords: terrorism, theocracy, human sacrifice, transfer of sin, Khidr, The Green Man, St Paul, death drive, genocide.

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    Mats Winther
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