the precursor of Persian philosophy

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    The government of Turkey strives a lot to pretend that Mevlana is a Turkish poet. Of course you know Mevlana whose name has been declared by UNESCO as the cultural symbol of year 2007.
    Mevlana himself but says that neither I am Turkish nor Arabian. I am just an honorable Persian poet who exclusively speaks, writes and lives Iranian!
    Maybe it will be interesting to know that Mevlana has not even a single couplet of Turkish poem and he clearly confesses that I just know the transliteration of the word "water" in Turkish!
    Take a look at the newly established www dot PersianMevlana dot ir and allow your lungs of emotion and mysticism filled with the fresh air of truth, love and peace of Persian Mevlana, the eternal poet of Persian Gulf territory.
    (I was unable to link directly to the mentioned site due to my low number of posts... but I highly recommend you to surf the above site and learn anything about Mevlana and his school of thought that you want)

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