The Pope wants to drive one last time..

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    The Pope arrives at the airport in New York where he is met by a limo driver.

    When the Pope asks him if there is anyone with him, the driver says, "No sir Pope, it's just you and me. Everyone else is getting ready for your big arrival".

    Then the Pope asks the driver for a favor. Naturally the driver says, "Anything you want sir, you're the Pope".

    The Pope then asks if he can drive the limo and the driver says "No way sir, you are the Pope, you're not supposed to drive yourself".

    The Pope then explains that when he was a young man, he enjoyed driving all over Europe in his little 3rd hand sportscar and that, since he had been the Pope for the last 40 years, he hadn't been able to even drive so much as a golf-cart by himself. The Pope went on to explain that, since he was getting older, this may well be his last chance to drive and could he PLEASE just be allowed to drive one more time, just part way into town.

    Finally the driver relents and asks what he should do if the Pope is going to drive. "Jump in the back, have a drink, and watch that little TV while I drive" .

    As the Pope gets out on the freeway, he is soon hitting 130 mph. A cop pulls up in back of him with blue lights and siren on and the Pope eases up on the gas and pulls off to the side of the road.

    The cop approaches and when he looks in the window and see's the Pope, he says, "I'll be right back sir" and walks back to his car. He calls the station and says "Get me the Chief on the radio and hurry".

    The Chief comes on and says "WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME OFFICER"? The cops says , "Sir, I just pulled over a big wig doing 130 in a limo. The Chief says, "Well, give him a ticket and send him on his way idiot". The cops says , "But Chief, this is a REAL BIG big wig".

    The Chief says, " Who is it, the Mayor? Give his ass a ticket."

    The cop says, "No, sir, this guy is bigger than the mayor".

    The Chief says, "Well then who is it? Did you stop the Governor?"

    "No sir" says the cop, "this guy is bigger than that".

    The Chief says "Shit, don't tell me you stopped the President?"

    Finally the cop says, "Look Chief, I don't know who this guy is but he's got the Pope driving for him!!!"

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