The Politics of the Recovery Stage...

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    As of now, the Democrats are holding their breath in hoe that the stimulus work.

    Let us say that it does work, what is now the political stage?

    Well, first of, the need for the Republican party to come up with a cohesive plan to solve the economic crisis has abated. But what are the alternatives to the Democratic plan can they suggests?

    How about the following approach: Debt elimination(not Deficit elimination)--a Generational project!!

    First off, forget new tax cuts since the previous tax cuts (yes--as in many tax cut over 10 to 15 years) have yet to pay themselves off!!(the recession has retarded the repayments)
    This is something that could be hard for a right winger to swallow. Even so, remember that "there are tax cuts without significant cuts in spending(taking in paraphase from some Right wingers on the board) The spending cuts without tax cuts are long overdue!!

    Second--Cutting spending is a must. Since there is not going to be a stimulus next year, we can say that 787 billion dollars will be removed from next years deficit(look--Obama is able to keep his promise of reducing the deficit without doing a damn thing!! how quaint!!)

    Stop UHC since that is a budget killer

    Cut defense spending and end the wars in Afganistan and Iraq(shift part of funding to intelligence since it is apparently nobody knows where Al qaeda is sleeping these days)

    Seperate Social Security(SS) funding and place it in seperate accounting away from general Governmental revenue. Some funds may need to be RETURNED in order to keep SS solvent.

    Hope for recovery beginning this summer.

    Now that is my outline for the Republican party to regain favor. Any other suggestions?

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