The "Political Class" - The Basic Problem with Congress

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    Did you ever wonder why H.R. terms are only 2 years? The basic thinking was that this House would be the true representatives of the People, with those elected coming to Washington for a term or two, then getting back to their farms or businesses and allowing someone else to take their place.

    The idea of someone holding office for many terms - long enough to earn a PENSION, for goodness sakes - is inimical to the original concept of the House of Representatives. And the idea that the people of the various states should be represented by - basically - an army of LAWYERS is ridiculous.

    But this was allowed to happen because the Framers didn't foresee that we would grow a "Political Class" of people whose entire life mission was going to be sucking at the Government's teats in elected positions for an entire career.

    The problem with the "Political Class" is that their main mission in life - often freely admitted when you speak to them personally - is remaining in office. And to remain in office, one has to cater to the interests who can provide large amounts of cash, year in and year out, to fund your political campaigns.

    And often, the will and wishes of the American People are subjugated to the will and wishes of the Donor Class, leaving the American people wondering. "WTF is wrong with our Congress?" "Why don't they see what we want?" The fact of the matter is that they don't care what we want.

    Consider three examples of the conflict between the Political Class and the American people:

    Immigration: There really is no disagreement within the population about immigration. Seal the Border. Enforce the law. If we can't deport all the illegals, then take away all benefits so that they self-deport. End the "anchor baby" madness (via Constitutional Amendment, if necessary). Neither party is willing to take these simple measures, though they give lip service whenever possible.

    This one issue is why Mr. Trump is polling so well. He is not a member of the Political Class and only wants what's right. Enforce the law, for Christ sake! And that makes him a "reactionary."

    Israel: The current dust-up over the Iran deal is an aberration, but our normal posture with respect to Israel and the "Israel Lobby" is that EVERY national politician, regardless of party affiliation, is required to effusively promise to do anything and everything possible to support Israel, and everything Israel might want. Presidential candidates are so over-the-top when kow-towing to Jewish business groups that one expects them to offer oral sex after lunch.

    The American people?...not so much. Why can't we withhold somethat that Israel wants when they decide to build another housing development in "occupied territories"? Never happens.

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