The Pink Tanks of Terror

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    This Saturday will mark the one year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, and things have gone incredibly well, with a constitution, “Basra Booming”, fewer attacks. All get a pat on the back, even Spain despite their setback.

    And you know what that means? More mobile pink tanks and giant Bush puppets to awe the peasants with.

    Pink Tanks!

    THESE PEOPLE marching this weekend have every right to do so, but do not recognize any positive results, having ignored Saddam in weighing their morality.

    It’s time to exercise my right to heap scorn and derision on the two-faced bastards who can be assured to organize a defeatist protest in any pre-election attack, designed not to raise debate but storm the media with a single-minded message.

    The only way to prevent it’s impact on votes is to make it known we expect them to relish in American’s killed by Al-Quaida as a political opportunity to protest. And call them out on their tactics and values in supporting a left agenda.

    Who they are:

    Every continent? Antarctica protesters dress warmly!

    I know it has something to do with the JOOS! They will talk about the JOOOS!

    If the NYT says “superpower” is must be true!

    What is cooler than being part of this with Alaska Draft Registration Freeze?

    The “Revolutionary Knitting Circle”!

    Anarchy with yarn my friends!

    The event endorsers are a who’s who list of “Peace” and “Justice”. Big time goals considering the common names.

    There is so peace and justice represented Saddam himself could expect some levity.

    “Peace and Justice for Animals” is marching. That’s right fascists! We starved zoo animals for Christ sake! For a week!

    PETA is a no show, perhaps considering that seeing some run free from the zoo was a GOOD thing?

    “celebrating the ignorance and apathy of our great country” so they say and so they shall.

    The Canadian “Religious” Conference, who left God to become leftist activists.

    Pope-a-dope Catholics (ie. Pax Christi) backing the “Peace” theme as if the Church never liked war.

    "Muslim WakeUp!", and stop supporting the war? Haha.

    Some niche groups probably gave up on their own cause:

    No ideal is too impossible for the “Arizona Green Party”.

    No crisis us too imaginary for the “Emergency Committee To Defend Constitutional Welfare Rights, USA”.

    And no claim is too bold for “Right Is Wrong!”.

    Big Questions:

    Will “The Synthesis Club of Wallkill Senior High School” cook up something special in the lab this year to hand out?

    Will “The Illuminati Rock Group” give a concert?

    However this unfolds around the world, it’s comforting is to see the “Psychologists for Social Responsibility” on hand. for medical supervision.

    When Protesters Attack

    “Doctor, thorazine stat!”

    Some participants are too overmedicated, I’d say.
    (music alert)

    Some just need attention:

    “Radio Operators for Kucinich”, come in?

    “Punx for Dean” might as well call it a day, eh?

    Pagans 4 Peace, when the “Muslims Wakeup!” you better run 4 the hills!

    That goes for the lot of you Punx. Be careful what you wish for!

    “Afghan Women's Mission” says “Screw the Iraqi women” let Saddam stay in power. I guess.

    “Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, U.S. Section” miss Uday’s rakish charm and manliness. Ahhhwwww.

    Socialist Party USA, Communist Party USA, regulars.

    “Queers For Racial & Economic Justice”, certainly are so. Don’t ask, don’t tell, yell loudly!

    However they reconcile with each other, this core group has a unique ability to focus on the actions of America with nary a passing nod to Saddam’s regime in observing their relative goal of peace and justice. They are the same useful idiots and hardliners to expect to use a deadly terror attack days or hours before the vote this November for political gain.

    I want to see the media do more than a head count at that critical moment.. Ask the leaders of “peace and justice for animals” just how their organization relates to terrorism and Iraq. Find one intelligent leader of one PAC along for the surrender dance and challenge him to explain the meaning of 1,000 Bush=Hitler placards they decided to circulate. Ask why they champion ideologies at odds with their message?

    Or do what this guy does.

    When Protesters Attack

    I want 12 million protestors to raise both hands and not bullshit us by saying “Stop” when it’s really:


    I want that guy wearing an unmistakable Fatah party scarf right there to explain on live news his anti-terror position, WITHOUT assuming it’s based on Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims.

    Remember that in Spain enough votes that polled before the attack showing a victory by the center right were affected to install a left majority.
    An act of foreign sourced terror deposed a democratic government.

    Spain, why oh why did you change your votes??? The precedent you set is frightening.

    If we get hit pre-election do you think American votes will be swayed in on way or another by such protests? Can there be a way to defuse their effect on other voters in advance?

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