The “Pay Your Fair Share” Democrat Mantra Lie

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bripat9643, Sep 8, 2012.

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    The “Pay Your Fair Share” Democrat Mantra Lie | Free Thought and Logic

    This “pay your fair share” bullshit by the democrats drives me nuts. We have a progressive tax system aptly named and created by progressives, AKA liberals. The top tax bracket is currently 35%. What does “pay your fair share” mean? Well, when the democrats they this they don’t mean that some people should pay less, they mean that some people should pay more. So how do we make it fair by some people paying more?

    First we have to determine an accurate description of “fair share”? ‘Fair’, meaning it must be equal and ‘share’ meaning the same percentage. Ironically, this is just the opposite of what the democrats actually want. They don’t want it to be equal and they don’t want everyone paying the same percentage. They just want the wealthy and the business owners paying more.

    If we actually took them up on their offer to have everyone pay their “fair share” and since we know that paying your fair share in democrat’s minds means that some people should pay more we would have to say that everyone who pays less than 35% should also have to pay 35% then everyone would be paying their fair share, literally. But no one wants this obviously.

    So, the only way to have everyone pay their fair share without bringing everyone up to the top tax rate of a progressive tax system is to eliminate the progressive tax system and go to a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage and for that percentage to be lower than the current top rate of 35%. For example, we could set the flat tax rate at 15% and everyone would just pay 15%. In that case taxes would be low and everyone would be paying their “fair share”. Accomplishing this would require the 50% of the country that pays no federal income taxes to pay the 15% tax rate which would be an increase for them and a decrease in taxes for the wealthier. The democrats would scream bloody murder if anyone actually tried to make people pay their fair share which makes it all the more infuriating when I hear them say that that’s what they want because I know they’re full of shit.

    Of course, the democrats don’t actually want what they’re asking for they just want to disguise what they really want to do (raise taxes on the wealthy and business owners) by claiming that their idea is fair when it’s anything but that.

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