The Ouija Phenomenon: Political Superstition?

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    Is this new cultural/social 'Ouija phenomenon' reflective of some TrumpUSA paranoia such as immigration folly (e.g., Executive Order 13769)?

    This omen-vignette was inspired by The Purge: Election Year.

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    "As the world fell under the blinding 'grip' of terrorism, social leaders and pundits scrambled to understand why new age governance structures seemed completely unsatisfying to radicals and even idealists. The Trump Administration charged the CIA's secret unit of paramilitary-crusader patriots known as 'G.I. Joes' to deal with a unified super-terrorist organization known as 'Cobra' which was comprised at least in part by factions of ISIS, Hamas, and a Russian crime-syndicate known as Black Mask. The G.I. Joes had to dispel the 'darkness' that Cobra introduced into the modern world of traffic and networking. President Trump tweeted that he had great confidence in American security forces on the global stage."


    "American actors/celebrities made movies reflective of this new age of traffic-angst and networking-turbulence such as The Purge: Anarchy, Fight Club, World War Z, and Dark City. Everyone was curious about the 'metaphysics' of civics and vigilantism and pedestrian conceptions of justice, and so, movies reflected a new age 'dramatism' and actors/actresses focused on the superstitions involved with a rising anarchy on the global stage, perhaps related to capitalism in forms. Horror-films began exploring the social fascination in America with the Occult as a way of addressing these new age superstitions regarding loss of control, films such as Ouija: Origin of Evil."


    "Religious scholars wanted celebrities to portray the richness and intrigue associated with developed and mainstream religions not considered to be 'allied' to terrorism (i.e., Christian denominations). While critics of Christianity continued to cite the Crusades and religious persecution of Wicca/witchcraft as signs of the flaws in Christian dogma, historians still considered Christianity a bastion of modern age professional diplomacy, especially since most radical terrorists groups in recent times were of fundamentalist-Muslim orientation. Therefore, celebrities portrayed Christianity-intrigue in films (e.g., Angels & Demons) with a certain 'socialization flair'."


    "Meanwhile, Internet mail-order-brides considered themselves great candidates for marriage in America, seeking residence-permits to pursue the American Dream as wives to American men seeking promising brides. These women (potential-brides) came from all around the world (Asia, Europe, Australia, etc.). Meanwhile, the NSA (National Security Agency) established a special cyber-division to oversee all Internet signals-security protocols to ensure that any communications between Americans and foreigners were not spied upon by terrorists. In other words, networking-securities had become much more 'lifestyle-symbolic'. Why then was Ouija considered an emerged socio-cultural 'game' in America? Was the migration of peoples (traffic) creating a special 'diarism intrigue'?"


    "A Catholic nun named Eileen noticed the news-stories involving terrorism and the Boston Marathon bombings and decided to use a Ouija-board to invoke the spirit of an underworld 'knight' or 'dark-angel' protector who would oversee humanity as it 'transitioned' into this new age of maddening traffic, political frailties, socio-cultural cynicism/narcissism, and general sociological moodiness. Eileen's offbeat 'prayers' were answered; a strange 'dark knight' arose from the underworld named Alas who always wore vigilantism-oriented costumes. Alas was a perfect dark knight, and he set about to make sure that new age spiritual traffic dilemmas (e.g., Cobra) would be coordinated with metaphysical consciousness regarding the humility of violence (e.g., 9/11). Would Alas triumph?"


    "Alas decided to 'host' a weekly online Ouija game-session on his metaphysics blog. On his blog, Alas asked questions such as, 'Do today's people crave the presence of ancient world deities/demons such as Medusa, Hades, and Persephone?'. Alas's online Ouija-experience became quite popular, and TV late-show host Conan O'Brian called him the new Harry Houdini. Alas used portraits of Ouija games from America's illustrative past to complement his online Ouija games. Alas wanted people to feel 'comfortable' entertaining notions of the 'real presence' of an 'aesthetic darkness' in this modern world of terrorism (e.g., Boston Marathon bombings)."


    "As Alas continued his strange 'crusade,' Eileen felt more confident that this modernization would not implode by the weight of its own complexity. Alas gave himself the vigilante-alias 'Valerian' (signifying a timeless focus on the humanism ideals regarding liberty and the meditation on vice). Alas/Valerian considered himself a prophet of hope, but many considered him a new kind of 'intellectual.' However, Alas/Valerian became friends with multiple celebrities who trolled around on the Internet looking for interesting pedestrian blogs; eventually, Alas/Valerian became a 'socio-cultural correspondent' of sorts for the CIA. Alas/Valerian continued analyzing the parametrics of new age unrest (e.g., Black Friday Massacre)."


    "As the G.I. Joes continued vying with the super-terrorist organization Cobra, Alas/Valerian continued to serve as the CIA's special sociocultural correspondent. Alas/Valerian picked up some key computer programming skills and contributed some anti-virus algorithms to the NSA's new cyber-division. Eileen the nun wondered if tall this 'traffic-oriented terrorism intrigue' would create undesirable 'media hype' somehow 'glorifying' or 'romanticizing' the 'fury' of more 'democratic' terrorist groups such as the IRA and outlaws like the Newton Boys. Alas/Valerian worried about the same thing."


    "Fortunately, key American celebrities/actors such as Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise continued to make culturally-revealing films including American Made and Bridge of Spies. In other words, Alas/Valerian felt relieved that media-cinema continued to entreat Americans' interest in general socio-cultural 'standards' such as the pedestrian praise of democratic values and civics (e.g., Independence Day: Resurgence). Celebrities such as Hanks/Cruise wondered if the myriad anti-TrumpUSA street-protests generated too much 'cynicism-stimulation'."


    "Alas/Valerian decided to promote the marketing of celebrity-owned companies such as Fabletics (Kate Hudson) and Planet Hollywood (Bruce Willis). He thought that the promotion of such organizations would diffuse this new age 'Ouija-phenomenon' related to modern traffic angst (e.g., 9/11). Alas/Valerian even became good friends with Kate Hudson, all the while pursuing the ring-leaders of Black Mask as a masked vigilante wielding a tranquilizer-gun and a heck of a lot of magic. It seemed capitalism would 'make it' through this 'tunnel of darkness'."


    "Alas/Valerian blogged, 'If America is like Gotham City (DC Comics), then Fabletics and Planet Hollywood are like Flintstones vitamins.' Eventually, authorities took control and the 'passion of terrorism' began transforming into a more benign form of traffic criticism (e.g., Frontline). Kids still played with Ouija boards on Halloween, but Alas/Valerian was confident that the general 'socialization prayers' of Eileen the nun were finally being answered."


    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Ouija, Carter?
    CARTER: It's intriguing, but I've never played.
    TRUMP: There's even a horror-film about it.
    CARTER: Fortunately, the 'spirit' of Cobra has been diffused.
    TRUMP: Thanks to the G.I. Joes!
    CARTER: And Alas/Valerian!
    TRUMP: Capitalism and globalization is simply hard-work.
    CARTER: There's no 'shortcut to happiness,' Mr. President.
    TRUMP: I'm the first celebrity-president since Ronald Reagan.
    CARTER: Your critics wondered if they should anticipate an undesirable 'Trumponomics.'
    TRUMP: Reagaonomics gave everyone a sour-taste towards capitalism.
    CARTER: It seems anti-TrumpUSA street-protests are better-managed now!
    TRUMP: I want to see the new Charlize Theron film Atomic Blonde.
    CARTER: Yes, I want to see the new Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible.
    TRUMP: Let's go watch the Theron film together on Netflix!
    CARTER: Sounds peaceful...
    TRUMP: I wonder how many kids are playing Ouija right now.
    CARTER: It is the Halloween season, after all.




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