The OTHER Reason Obama Did The Dream Act & What's Next

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IndependntLogic, Jun 15, 2012.

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    A lot of people are saying Obama did the Dream Act thing today for political reasons. Duh. Of course he did! Sometimes politicians do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Or the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. But politics always plays a part in it.
    So the reason Obama did this today?
    The beginning of forcing Romney to flip-flop yet again.
    I said during the primaries that Romney flipped on so many issues to gain the base and that he would eeeease his way back to center, once the primaries were over.
    But Obama is a very good politician. You don't beat a Clinton if you're not.
    He's forcing Mitt to address the issue he flipped to the Right on, sooner and more definitively, than Mitt would like. If Mitt stays as Far Right as he flipped during the primaries, he loses big with the Latino vote. Oops.
    I believe this is a precursor to what's to come.
    Obama will push hard on Global Warming. Mitt went from Left to Right on that one.
    Obama will push hard on stem-cell research. All Liberals and most Centrists find this ridiculous. Another Mitt-Flip?
    BOTH cut spending AND increase taxes on the rich. 78% of Americans believe it should be both. Mitt already has a "Rich Guy" image problem. Obama will definitely bring this to a push vs. shove point and force Mitt to piss off his base - or everyone else.
    Pro-Choice! First he was. Then he needed the Conservative base so badly, he even went against The Pill! Obama will put him in a corner here and again, he'll have to flip.
    Finally, Romney / ObamaCare. It's not that Obama will push Romney to flip, it's that Romney has nowhere to go on what should be Obama's biggest weakness. Oh well.

    So here's the strategy I see: Obama waits until Mitt says ANYTHING that can be used as a segue. Then Obama will say something outrageous that will force Mitt's hand. For example "Unlike my opponent, I will protect a woman's right to choose. Mr. Romney would take it away!" Now that may absurd but it will force Mitt to take a stand or look weak as hell. Once he does, he either pisses off the Conservative Base or everyone else.
    Then Obama will say "My opponent doesn't believe in Global Warming.". same choice for Mitt. Smart politics.

    So I think today was a harbinger of what is to come. I think the strategy is to make it so that by the time the debates come, Mitt will look like more of a dancer than Gene Kelly.
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    Damn, you get dumber every time you post.

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