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    For the longest time, well at least since the the election of President Obama I have heard nothing but this constant drone about how the GOP has no one to lead them or there are no qualified candidates to run for President. Having considered that statement for sometime now, you may be surprised at one of the people I find to be very compelling for high office. However, before all of you anti-Palin folks out there fire up your google , I will tell you it's not Sarah Palin. The man does have however a name most if not everyone on this board will recognize and that is Bush. Yes, it's Jeb Bush , while not advocating for a run for President in 2012, I do feel that Jeb Bush is more than qualified to run for high office and highly intelligent and has much to offer. What may surprise some of you who will automatically dislike him because if the name is that some of his political ideas are far from what you would call ultra-conservative. So to spur debate on the subject, here are a few interesting articles.

    Jeb Bush on Immigration

    "You can't beat something with nothing, and the other side has something. I don't like it, but they have it, and we have to be respectful and mindful of that," Mr. Bush said.

    So our ideas need to be forward looking and relevant. I felt like there was a lot of nostalgia and the good old days in the [Republican] messaging. I mean, it's great, but it doesn't draw people toward your cause," Mr. Bush said.

    "From the conservative side, it's time for us to listen first, to learn a little bit, to upgrade our message a little bit, to not be nostalgic about the past because, you know, things do ebb and flow."
    Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind - Washington Times

    "If I had one humble criticism of President Obama, it would be to stop this notion of somehow framing everything in the context of, 'Everything was bad before I got here,' and focus instead on his duties, which we all want him to succeed,' Jeb Bush

    Jeb Bush: Obama 'pushing down' brother : The Swamp

    Video: Jeb Bush weighs in on health care debate Video

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