The Original “Ferret Theory” 1998

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    The Original “Ferret Theory” 1998

    Decides to steal, Super Bowl Commercials Idea’s from one of their collector enthusiast!

    Written in 1998:

    I’ve been talking to my Teamster Union Representative: Jim Tobin, about the similarities of the Anheuser-Busch commercials and Costco’s actions, in terminating my employment. The timing was to uncanny? Jim agreed and said their was a pattern emerging there? I wondered at that point? If there was a connection. I vaguely remember? Jim, saying over the phone, it would take Anheuser-Busch days? If not hours, to get a team together to start commercializing my ideas!

    Wouldn’t take much, Jim said!

    It seemed strange after eight years of service to Costco, that after the 1998 Super Bowl, almost two months exactly. I would get let go from Costco. I was upset in the Costco break room, I was eating their and seen my Ideas, being used in a Super Bowl game. I got on the phone to my wife and talked about it with her we agreed, what an out-right, theft by the Anheuser-Busch brewery! I know, news travels fast in a ‘break room. I wondered? If it got back to those insiders, of Costco and the Teamsters? If so? It would have been just a -

    Matter of time before, I would be exiting from these groups?

    My union rep: Jim Tobin, said at my hearing, that was held at Sacramento International Airport. They were flying in union guys from Los Angeles, to help represent me Vs. Costco and the warehouse manager, Tom Silva and other, big corporate from Costco, would be at the hearing? Jim said, to me, they would be the most fair for me. I didn’t know about a grudge, at the time was already in motion? After the hearing, I found out the Hearing, was a Farce! Their was a 401K and a check was being sent in the mail. So, weeks before the hearing? Costco and the Teamster Union, already had made a decision on me being unemployed. I wonder if these union guys, that were flown in from Los Angeles-
    were here just to see if, I was catching on to their-


    Now at the Unemployment Hearing in Roseville, this is a different hearing; {for the audience.} Costco fought my unemployment and at the hearing, I wanted to submit new evidence, the hearing judge said, he would not allow me to submit new evidence, during the hearing and that, I should have submitted, to the job at the time? I tried to insist, but the Judge, got angry with me and said, my documents do not pertain to this case. The judge, refused to look at the documents. I was in shock at such injustice and my wife who attend the meeting, was crying holding-- her new baby. Their was one remembering moment at the hearing, Costco Lawyer from the Gibbens Co, in Walnut Creek, Ca. looked at my wife and I and smiled and laughed, like he just won the lottery!

    How Nice!

    Jim Tobin, is now Secretary Treasure and boss of Sacramento Teamsters, They also got a new big building for them; (1999-2000,) I believe it was built? My guess is this building got built for them with their efforts in stealing my Super Bowl Commercials? Anheuser-Busch probably laundered the money to local 150. It was a pay off in participation for the brewery’s movement is my guess! Tom Silva, was moved from Rancho Cordova to South Sacramento, Then moved again to Folsom as Warehouse Manager.

    It all seemed convent to me? Looking back at this… Costco, didn’t have a problem in letting me go because, I got injured on their job. Anheuser-Busch, wanted the
    Commercial Idea’s, for their business. The Teamsters had a grudge from; Congressman Fazio’s office, acting on my behalf with a grievance. After all this was being foiled together…

    I came to the conclusion: That a Ferret Theory, was about to be established.....

    Sincerely, The Author:

    Eddie Verdon

    The Conspiracy Specialist

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