The Original "Era Of Limits" Was Moonbeam(?)! (Moonbeam. . .Boehner(?)!)(?)

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    The current federal deficit originates from past spending and funding and resolutions. The Republicans profited from the largesse--and profit now from the largesse--and refuse to help pay for it. Bush used to claim that the federal deficit was owned by the Republican Party(?)!

    Most recently, in California, is has been recalled that Governor Jerry Brown had ushered in an "Era of Limits," which even he later regretted. The Pat Brown/Alan Cranston, California Democratic Party had created the famous freeway infrastructure, and public university system. The Jerry Brown administration denigrated the whole thing, and it started to go into disrepair, and into a house of disrepute(?)!

    Jerry Brown's a lot of things, but he's no tax-and-spender | Jerry Brown Governor-Elect

    The governor was not married at that time.

    Famously, in history, Jesus would go before the Jewish leaders at the trial, to explain that eventually they would look up and see the mortal Jesus in heaven. That was idolatory, a stoning death penalty offense. That was not an offense in Ceasar's Rome, so the governor put the matter to the people. Death using crucifixion seems to have been the outcome. The matter was not about the Laws of Rome, but the Laws of Moses. The Romans were tolerant of local religion.

    Jesus commenting unfavorably on the Laws of Moses had in fact marked most of the ministry on earth. Mostly, Conservatives do not follow Jesus on those matters, following the Old Testament, more than the new.

    The Chamber of Commerce managed to even get the Jerry Brown record wrong.

    House Speaker "Moonbeam" Boehner has managed to become myopic about failing to fund government spending, himself.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Old Testament contains "Eye for an Eye." Christ Warrior says, "Turn the Other Cheek!" Hmmm! (Oooh!))
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