The Obama Health Care speech most Americans want to hear.

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    It would be on national television, prime time. It would go something like this:

    "My fellow Americans,

    Our nation is embroiled in a debate over our health care. It's an important debate, and the decisions we will make will have generational ramifications. Therefore it is imperative that we proceed with extreme caution and skill, and always remember that a good idea is still a good idea, no matter who proposes it.

    In my hand I am holding a copy of the House Resolution 3200, (holds up tome) the health care bill. (Lets it thump on his podium) We made a mistake, in our zeal to address the health care concerns of our country, we tried to get this passed on a deadline, before the August Congressional recess. We tried to rush it through without sufficient caution, without sufficient study, and without sufficient time for everyone to analyze it and understand it.

    It never made it to a vote and hindsight tells me to be glad it did not. It's a horribly complex and deeply flawed piece of legislation. It's been divisive. It's been confusing.

    I hold true to the belief that most Americans want some type of real health care reform. I have come to realize that what my administration has been calling "opponents of reform" aren't really opponents of reform at all, they are opponents of this bloated, confusing, massive and costly bill.

    (Slides a trashcan out from behind the podium, into view)

    I reject this bill in its entirety and I now symbolically put it where it truly belongs. (lets it drop into trash can)

    We are starting over fresh, and clean. To begin anew, work on a health care reform bill that will satisfy the vast majority of Americans who want health care reform without massive government bureaucracy, massive government intrusion in our lives, and massive government deficit spending.

    We will now begin anew to create a bill that will not create a massive, generational entitlement for those who would come here illegally, to live illegally, but will ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health care.

    We will do this completely out in the open and we will take our time, and extremely careful consideration. And we will listen to, not dismiss, the people who elected us to work for them.

    I am directing both houses of Congress to elect a single, bi-partisan special commission to author this new bill, with ten members from each house. This commission will hold hearings, and will have public "town hall" type sessions for input. It will select a additional twenty member bi-partisan volunteer group of doctors, lawyers, first responders and a cross-section of average Americans, to help the commission craft this new bill.

    We begin anew today. We start this project as a true, united people this time, to achieve a goal which will reflect the true will of the American people.

    The name-calling, demonization, excuse making and blame shifting is over. The work, starts now.

    Thank you for listening, and may God bless you and may God bless America!"

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    The right direction, except for the involvement of lawyers, he will never, ever do anything of the such.....

    What bothers me the most is our elected officials want to copy failed systems from other countries that clearly take us backwards.....

    We are the USA, we provide leadership second to none, why is it so difficult for us to recognize we are following and not leading the health care cost problem?

    I am old enough to remember and quit frankly it was not that long ago, health insurance was a given in just about any job you could find at no cost to the employee.....

    Great real debates......Obama claims he remembers his mother fighting with insurance companies over coverage.....are we going to turn our health care world upside down and all around based on his motive with his sick mother? I have compassion for that and any situation like it, today's system is in need of reform, but to plug in a 1000+ page bill that has cost the discention we are currently dealing with makes no sense, this is a situation that requires a well executed plan that the average citizen can understand without being cynical.....

    This country can do better, much better......

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