The Obama Entrepreneurial Spirit-Prelude's I & II

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    Finding colorful, descriptive, Nouns for describing the Harvard Law School Educated, West Wing, and resident First Family, has yet to be reported. All we have to go on is what they have said and done.

    There has been an interview description of the intended Spirit of Entrepreneurship, published in the Reno Gazette. This was called, "The Reagan Trajectory." That was left undefined, so anyone has to fill in for themselves--the return to something missing in America, apparently since before the New Deal.

    In the Reagan Trajectory, this happened:

    OT - Reagan's deregulation did cause the S&L crisis in the 80's

    "Deregulation practically eliminated the distinction between
    commercial and savings banks.
    - Deregulation caused a rapid growth of savings banks and S&L's that
    now made all types of non homeowner related loans. Now that S%L's could
    tap into the huge profit centers of commercial real estate investments
    and credit card issuing many entrepreneurs looked to the loosely
    regulated S&L's as a profit making center.
    - As the eighties wore on the economy appeared to grow. Interest rates
    continued to go up as well as real estate speculation. The real estate
    market was in what is known as a "boom" mode. Many S&L's took advantage
    of the lack of supervision and regulations to make highly speculative
    investments, in many cases loaning more money then they really should.
    - When the real estate market crashed, and it did so in dramatic
    fashion, the S&L's were crushed. They now owned properties that they
    had paid enormous amounts of money for but weren't worth a fraction of
    what they paid. Many went bankrupt, losing their depositors money. This
    was known as the S&L Crisis.
    - In 1980 the US had 4,600 thrifts, by 1988 mergers and bankruptcies
    left 3000. By the mid 1990's less than 2000 survived.
    - The S&L crisis cost about 600 Billion dollars in "bailouts." This is
    1500 dollars from every man woman and child in the US.
    - In summary, the S&L crisis was caused by deregulation which led to
    high interest rates that then collapsed. Other causes included
    inadequate capital and defrauding shorthanded government regulatory
    agencies (less regulators and inspectors)."

    Reagan-Bush created an entrepreneurial spirit, both federally funded, and de-regulated. Pre-New Deal Coolidge and Hoover was different. That was not a big government era, at all. Coolidge-Hoover, was in fact apparently the entrepreneurial spirt missing since Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman and FDR.

    And so far, Obama cannot be accused of having created anything like a Central Government dominated, federal agenda. Even the Public Option of National Health Insurance will be watered down, to allow disintegration, and de-regulation, on demand.

    So actually, Reagan created the departure back to the famous, Coolidge-Hoover, Entrepreneurial Spirit--which was already de-regulated. Coolidge and Hoover, however, had no giant federal government in place. Reagan knew how to promise, and never deliver, an end to big government, and giant federal deficits. So then there happened both. There also happened, massive federal "de-regulation."

    In like manner, there came the federal largesse of Reagan Trajectory II, under Bush-Bush. The comments on de-regulation are voluminous. The outcome is failure, made spectacular. The large federal Centralization became Homeland Security Agency, and DOD procurements gone mad, and federally funded.

    So Reagan gets to be a kind of Federally funded, de-regulated, entreprenerial spirit Role Model, for the Harvard/Yale Educated classes--and their classrooms--on which Obama has publically announced, in Reno Gazette, on which these New Democrats, "Of Change You Can Believe In," intend to rely. It is further noticed that apparently: The Ivy League had no clue that events now current could happen.

    And so there is Reagan Trajectory III under way: Which even goes back to origins in Coolidge-Hoover. No New Deal public works level projects have been created. Other nations did that and have recovered. And then further, The entrepreneurial spirit of the Obama Administration so far includes mainly: The federal funding of the state and local bureaucracies. They got funded, and their public school teachers. They got funded. That will even be tracked and reported, at the federal level.

    And everyone else got left behind, or famously "out," as famous New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, used to describe The Reagan Spirit of Entrepreneurial Independence. Now, like then, you are the federally funded lucky, or you mainly get left out.

    Not only were there descriptive Nouns in abundance for people of color, after Reagan-Bush, but eventually--like Eskimo words for "snow," or Polynesian words for "surf:" There would even arise varietals of the spelling and of the pronounciation of the colorful Nouns that Reagan-Bush-Bush-Bush would engender, and were certain, and applied to certain peoples of color. Rock Music, espcially, seems to have prospered from them.

    So now it is a time for art, in America, once again!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirrred!"
    (Would a Rose by any other name, smell. . . .Well! Apparently a White person brought that up. Now we have an "entrepreneurial spirt," largely staffed with government employees.)
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