The Obama Doctrine

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    The whole thing is long, and well worth the read.

    Opinio Juris » Blog Archive » John Brennan Speech on Obama Administration Antiterrorism Policies and Practices

    I actually though this part was especially interesting.

    I actually see some differences between this and the Bush Doctrine, but not the ones I would have expected.

    Then I read this.

    That actually made me question the entire speech. Obama might have issued that EO, but the fact is that Obama has invoked national security as often as Bush did, and in areas where it clearly does not apply.

    Obama Administration Declares Proposed IP Treaty a ‘National Security’ Secret | Threat Level |

    Obama promises openness, delivers a mixed bag -

    An Analysis Of Obama Administration's Progress On Open Government Recommendations

    I agree with most of this in principle, but I take strong exception to parts. It was not mentioned in this speech, but Obama has actually taken it upon himself to issue kill orders on American citizens without due process. Even if that is legal, which I doubt, it is wrong. It also violates the very foundation of our government and our freedoms, and the very point that Brennan is trying to make. We are a principled nation, and there are some things we should not do.

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