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    -- Left Still In Denial On Islamofascist Threat!

    by Steven Rittenberg

    The New York Times is baffled. In one of their chin pulling, deeply empathic investigations into the backgrounds of the four savage London jihadis -- oh, excuse us, of those cricket loving, charming young men -- it troubles the Times to report they found no explanation for the bloody London subway bombings carried out by these young men.

    No explanation, why? Well, for starters, one of these young lads, Mr. Tanweer, was "infinitely likable", and "...He was a good lad, so down-to-earth," said a friend who played cricket with him the day before the bombing..."

    This would be perfect for the Times psychobabblers: a 'good lad' driven to desparation and suicide by deprivation and discrimination. Still, they came up empty in their search for evidence. They throw up their hands, baffled and unable to comprehend.

    For such highly intelligent wordsmiths this is remarkable. Yet maybe its not so remarkable if your investigation admits of only one sort of explanation, one in keeping with a utopian liberal therapeutic view of human nature -- because only then such savagery makes no sense.

    To her credit, Times journalist Lizette Alvarez (where does the Times find such journalists? Is there a farm system for useful idiots?), unlike so many of her colleagues, doesn't simply invent a liberal 'narrative'. Instead she seems deeply baffled in her epic piece: Lives of Three Men Offer Little to Explain Attacks.

    These much-discussed London lads present a real problem for a multi-cultural, liberal utopian journalist, steeped in the notion that Islamists are reacting violently to oppression by Western imperialists and the Neo-con hegemonists. Their therapeutic view, the 'We're depraved on account of we're deprived' stance, can't quite figure this one out.

    Ms. Alvarez makes a half hearted attempt to cite the usual cant about suicide bombers: "...They grew up in neighborhoods where no jobs, or bad jobs, are just as common as steady jobs. They lived on blocks where people from all over the world -- from Pakistan to Kosovo, Jamaica to Uganda -- do not so much live together as collide with one another or, at best, keep a separate peace…Small-time drug dealing and drug use have increased in Beeston, residents say..."

    Yet she is forced to admit that these were not poverty stricken lads, driven to suicidal rage by their material deprivation. In fact, one of them, "... Mr. Tanweer lived in a large house and drove his father's red Mercedes on occasion. He wore brand-name clothes, worked out at a gym and took classes in the martial arts. He studied sports science at Leeds Metropolitan University, and when he could, he worked at his father's fish and chips shop for extra money..."

    To anyone who has not been steeped in the True Liberal therapeutic faith there's no problem understanding an enemy who wants to kill, maim and terroize. That's what they do. They tell you what they intend to do, and then they do it.

    There's no problem understanding, unless your deaf, dumb and blind. The hard, immutable fact is these savages were followers of Islamic preachers who regularly encourage Jihad against the sons of pigs, the Jews, and other infidels.

    However, this is an insufficient explanation for the subtle minds and complex moral sensibilities of the multi-culturally p.c. liberal wordsmiths. For the rest of us, it's more than enough explanation, thank you.

    The fact that at least 3 of the 4 killers were devoutly religious followers of the Jihadi Islamic death cult has no explanatory value for the sleuths at the NYTimes. After all, Ms. Alvarez writes "...Hasib Hussain, 18, who lived nearby, was the impressionable one, a charming young man who had been drifting into a reckless teenage life until religion set him straight..."

    Thus, with a straight face, do the secular multiculturalists at the NY Times, the same NY Times which constantly warns of the dangers of Christian theocracy in America, inform us that Islam "set him straight." Straight on the path to mass murder of innocent civilians!

    This author suggests the following to the metrosexually confused, multi-cultural wordsmith appeasers at the NYTimes: When someone tells you they are going to kill you in the name of Islam, when they then proceed to kill your friends and relatives, there's no need to search for deep explanations. Better to search for the nearest weapons and be prepared to use them.

    In the words of the great World War II anthem, Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

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