The NonDenominational Dixie Folk! Haha!

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    I've never even been outside of the United States. I've never been outside the South but for a few days. My only language ever taught is English. The Only Valid Academic History is being covered up by President Eisenhower's administration's overhaul of the Presbyterian Church (United) or (USA) to truly exclude what you can read along at Arirang News, at Korea Herald, and Any Korean New outlet whatsoever, as to the Point of the near 25% adherence of Korea to Presbyterianism, near 50% of all Presbyterians on the planet in the last century being in an Asian country. That history Word for Word between the COnfederate States and the origins of the modern South Korean government, are, the validity of a Provisional Government founded by Jefferson Davis/ Ahn Chang Ho where it is established despite Union of States agreements by the decision of the people Native to the State, which is solidly the historical and academic Presbyterian Church of Scotland's History, and therefore the indispensable Christian history, as much as any Romanist studying his Popes.

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