The New Obama-McCain Equation

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    Our blog explains why fundamentalists urge sinners to obey, obey, obey, why conservatives are caught so frequently in men’s rooms with their pants down and why the world is soon going up in nuclear smoke unless we Democrats manage to shoo the conservative crazies out of Washington, the distraction of the Republican’s nominating a sweet variety of fundamentalist conservative crazy as Vice President aside. As unpleasant and irrelevant as most assume mathematics to be in any reasonable political argument, our science trained, politically concerned family has derived an evolution equation that shows people’s unhappiness in life to come from excess social control, as in the workplace, and that shows that unhappiness to be the primary cause of aggressive behavior, including both the petty meanness that permeates day to day American life nowadays and the violence exported across national borders as war. This evolution equation has been certified 100% correct by Dr. Sean Rice of Texas Tech who wrote the textbook on classical mathematical evolution. We call our version of the equation the Obama-McCain equation after the two men whose struggle for the presidency will determine the fate, not just of our nation, but of the world. Simply, for all you many math hating voters, the equation explains the biological drive in us talking animals to mate and raise babies and to struggle aggressively for resources and territory, all of which normal behaviors have taken the most violent and perverse turns in modern times, however much these less appealing characteristics of the modern human animal are generally hidden from view by our near propagandistic media.

    Less technically, our website tells the story of how our three generation family originally supported Barack Obama, campaigning for him in West Virginia and appearing for him on CBS NEWS, and then switched to Hillary when we saw up close that Barack’s exceptionally good fortune in succeeding at an American dream that is no more than a pie in the sky mollifying promise for the average American, was blinding him to the unhappiness that most people have no choice but to endure in life, that unhappiness of people collectively being the primary cause of both campus mass murders in America and the kind of unnecessary wars that the conservative crazies have got us into and, if war mad Uncle John and sweet Sara get into office, will escalate to global war with Uncle John’s old enemy from Vietnam days, nuclear armed Russia. With sensible Hillary out of the game, we have now furiously switched back to hopefully wised up Obama at the thought of slimy McCain as the next-in-line Hitler head of the Wall Street conservative police state that has ruled our lives for the last eight years and got us into a mentally aberrant unnecessary war that has killed and crippled over a million people, 30,000 of them American kids. So pay no attention to petty annoyances that may arise from our all too human candidates, Senators Obama and Biden, and join with us in our mathematically intensified fears to do everything possible to get all yet sane people to vote for them and insure the defeat of the conservative wolves now cutely dressed in Sister Sara sheep’s clothing.

    Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria and family, at if you want to read more.

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