The Necessity of Free Speech Culture in a Divided America

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    The Necessity of Free Speech Culture in a Divided America
    Andrew Kim
    Oct 12 · 4 min read
    Free speech culture only seeks to solve problems, but the rise of censorship by “big tech” only seeks to divide and breed hatred.

    Why do we need free speech? This fundamental question has now become the subject of great discussion and debate, especially given recent controversies regarding “big tech” media censoring major conservative voices. In other words, people are censoring opinions that they disagree with. I would hope, that in good faith, most Americans would agree that open debate is the only rational way to solve problems. After all, our liberties were only secured after “radical” colonists made their view, that the government must protect basic human freedoms, loud and clear.

    Today, we unfortunately face a similar issue with censorship — one that should worry everyone, but disconcertingly doesn’t. Even as Americans that seem to be ever so divided in the era of media sensationalism and partisan politics, we cannot lose touch of our basic American, and arguably human, values of free speech and against censorship.

    “Reason, and free inquiry,” Thomas Jefferson writes in his 1785 book Notes on the State of Virginia, “are the only effectual agents against error.”

    Oh, if only he were alive today. I can imagine his disappointment with how those in high positions of cultural influence attempt to shut down speech that they disagree with. Jefferson, along with all revolutionary Americans at the time knew that free speech ultimately results in a net good, in that a free flow of ideas exposes people to other perspectives that might be better thought out than their own. I would even argue that this reasoning applies best to today’s situation.

    He can hope all he wants the progressive nazis do not want any part of it .
    Read it all
    The Necessity of Free Speech Culture in a Divided America

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