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    China and Russia both think North Korea is going down the drain.
    A few days ago Russian politicians and scholars came together in a seminar, speaking out about North Korea eventually coming under unification with South Korea, and with South Korea as the country that will lead the peninsula into unification. Even Chinese scholars are saying the same thing these days, and recently at the Peking University International Relations department, a professor spoke up in a forum that the Korean peninsula will see unification under South Korea. Russia and China are both in the same line of communistic thinking like North Korea, and it is noteworthy to see these two countries thinking of North Korea in this way. Now the countries surrounding North Korea must prepare for their ruin.

    China and Russia both think North Korea is going down the drain. | IGN Boards
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    Is gettin' to be wintertime - is a ploy to get more food for their people...
    Satellite image shows activity at North Korea launch site
    November 26th, 2012 - A new satellite image shows increased activity at a North Korean launch site, suggesting a new launch could be possible in the next few weeks, according to the satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe.
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    Second North Korean missile launch would be unprecedented
    November 27th, 2012- While new satellite images show preparations for what is believed to be a coming long-range missile launch by North Korea, a second attempt in 2012 would be unprecedented, a top satellite image analyst told CNN.

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