the military takes a fall !

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    army took the fall for sending " BLACK HAWK " choppers to kosovo where they were not needed or used - it cost a ton of money - they just sat there - brig. gen. MELCHER was chosen to fall on his sword on world tv. = bill klinton insisted the choppers be sent to kosovo because one if his (focus groups) found out that u.s. citizens like BLACK HAWKS=

    not only did klinton have no business going to war in kosovo but he had no right demanding the army send choppers there - our military has no right to defend themselves against dishonest demokrats who deep down hate our military

    BRIAN WILLIAMS did the interview - and listened to the general explain his lie that it was the fault of the army - it would have been the scoop of a life time if he exposed what klinton did to the army - our media are just an arm of the communist demokrat party - did BRIAN know what klinton did ? - if he did not know - he was just a lazy reporter !

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