"The Mighty Golden Bear, Is Losing All Its Hair. . ."

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    "UC Regents Approve Furloughs For 140,000," LA Times Page A8, July 17, 2009! It should have read, "The mighty golden bear, is losing all its hair. Its teeth are out, its got the gout, It Don't Know What It's All About!" Instead:

    "The University of California's Board of Regents voted overwhelmingly Thursday to push most professors and staff members into furlough days that would reduce their slaries 4% to 10% for the year starting Sept. 1.

    The Controversial furlough plan would affect about 140,000 part- and full-time employees at UC's 10 campuses and many satellites. Meeting in San Francisco, the regents voted 20 to 1 for the furloughs, which they said were needed as a way to avoid layoffs during the current state budget crisis.

    Only Lt. Gov. John Garamendi voted against the plan, calling the furloughs "just not acceptable." The number of unpaid furlough days will range from 11 to 26 a year, increasing on a sliding scale linked to salaries. Student employees and others whose salaries come from outside grants are exempt. Agreements from labor unions will be needed for the furloughs for many employees to go into effect, and some labor leaders said they will resist them.

    UC President Mark G. Yudof warned that layoffs equal to about $184 million in salaries, the amount the furloughs are expected to save, could be in the works if the unions all refuse to accept the plan. He also said that UC students should brace for another fee increase in the winter, on top of the 9.3% hike approved in May for the fall term." (Larry Gordon)

    "Truth In Charity" now arrives at UC. In fact it is not clear that the truth is with the faculty. What is clear is that the students, and any supportive adults, will in fact be out there, providing the charity! U. C. President Yudof did not, in fact, make clear if the faculty would be Hare Krishna adorned, and robed. In effect, U. C. President Yudof would admit to the new academic standard, "Chant And Be Happy," Not Even. What happens in school on the 11 to 26 days every year: Can only be guessed at this time!

    One noticeable feature of the plan. The 10% whack at the $250,000.00+, annual senior faculty pay rates, has raised neither complaint, nor comparison. The $25,000 to $30,000-amount of the cuts--is actually a median annual wage rate for most labor in the United States, or at least it was. "Zero" is becoming some new nature of standard, for many.

    This is not just a case of, "what went up, must come down," kind of physics. This is an outcome of how these senior know-it-alls got their raises in the first place, having been the faculty who taught everyone to do it that way, and for everyone!

    LA Times also reports on China's Centrists. "China's big stimulus helps put GDP growth rate at 7.9%" Ivy League Obama--who is not descended of slaves, and who apparently wants nothing to do with any of the descendants, at any rate, (The Reagan Trajectory, "Spirit of Entreprenuership" concept at work)--spoke in Michigan instead: "My expectation is that we will probably continue to see unemployment tick up for several months."

    Whereas Bush I, Term I, drove Black Teenage unemployment rates up to 50%: It is clear that the Obama West Wing intends vast improvements over that in the near term--Busting into new heights of gloves that really fit--and what comes of it! In China, the $588.0 bil. went into actual infra-structure spending. No one would call that a "Spirit of Entrepreneurship," and so instead there is the Obama plan in the law at this time. Maybe next year the shovels will be available. Apparently we have to buy them from China. In the Obama Administration, the real shoots are bamboo, shoved up people's (fingernails).

    In Sacramento, The Republicans are still just as fiscally conservative as is the Obama Administration. They aren't being too helpful, either!

    And so there is the outcome at UC.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Noting that our "Friends," in the Colonies, (even at Sidwell): Have none nothing illegal in America! The tuition alone, however--not including the usual bribes and expenses--is just coincidentally about $28,000.00 per year. Anyone wonders what Rev. Jeremiah Wright, would have to say about elementary school any more!)
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