The medicare coffin nail

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wolfstrike, Aug 29, 2012.

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    like all socialist programs, medicare is bribe money during elections.
    its the same thing every freaking election.
    "do you want a couple hundred bucks?"
    "or do you want the republicans to change it so you don't know what you'll get?"
    they KNOW most people will take the bribe money, vote for the corrupt democrats, and bill it to their grandchildren, rather than not take it at all.
    then when the country goes bankrupt, the Socialists take over and say "see? we told you capitalism doesn't work!"

    according to CBS, the 700 million obama took from medicare, is actually 700 million in savings.
    since the government numbers are all fictitious i'm sure it will be easy to switch this around

    so, stupid Romney is up there, reading the lines they gave him, saying he wants to make Medicare an optional program, and people can get a government voucher, ..for an unknown amount..and be stuck with the rest of the bill.

    Romney DID says you can stay with your current medicare plan, but people who run politics know that a lot of people will be confused by the facts, and they will only emphasize the proposed change to medicare.

    they're going to push this issue in swing states, they already talked about the numbers of people on medicare in these areas.

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    Are you on Medicare?

    I am. I am VERY happy with MY Medicare!

    My Medicare plan has these benefits..

    I don't have $1,156 DEDUCTED from my social security check.

    I get $600 a year in OTC, aspirin, bandages,blood pressure meter, etc.

    I do NOT pay any co-pays when I see my doctor.

    I do not pay any medicine expenses.

    I can go to a fitness at no cost to me.

    If I go to the hospital my out of pocket costs will be less then others.

    Oh by the way did I mention.. I have a Medicare Advantage Plan.
    A program Obama wants to do away with.

    A program Romney wants to expand.

    So if I had my choice it is a no brainer!
    Why would I want to lose directly almost $1,800 with Obama's plan ?

    Oh and did I mention there is hardly NO fraud and waste with my plan?
    Obama's plan.. hospitals charge 6,000% or more above costs.
    Not so with my Advantage plan.

    So why would I give up what I have for something that will cost me more?

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