The Media’s Latest Smear of a Trump Judicial Nominee

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    Left-wing opponents of an impartial and independent judiciary have picked another target: appeals court nominee Steven Menashi.

    It’s one thing to be honest about a nominee’s record, but disagree about whether he belongs on the bench. The attacks begun on Menashi, however, amount to nothing more than dishonest smears.

    Menashi, whose Jewish family came to the United States from Iran, received his law degree from Stanford before clerking first for U.S. Circuit Judge Douglas Ginsburg and then for Justice Samuel Alito. He became a partner at one of America’s premier law firms and has taught at two prestigious law schools.

    The brewing conflict over Menashi’s nomination, like so many others, is not about his qualifications, or really about him at all. It’s about the kind of judge he will be.

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    All they have to do to defeat a nominee is get the weak-in-the-knees moderates to come out against.

    This is their media campaign.

    The 2nd Circuit currently has 6 democrat appointees and 5 republican appointees, with two vacancies.

    The leftist will go all out to protect this New York circuit, and if this guy gets confirmed, then it will be 6-6, and then one more nominee and the Circuit is flipped republican.
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