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    During the preparation leading into the GULF WAR the media went out of their way to assist the war criminal and all the neo con gangsters salivating at the thought of going to war.

    here the media enlisted the aid of two of america's lowest exploiters of america;s dumbed down gullible population; rushbo and billy the spinmeister. [fox ]

    they did their part ,eager to please knowing this would enhance their radio careers and put millions more into their pockets.

    they helped the criminal politicians create the myth of wmds.

    they gave this war of choice the needed moral imperative always needed to wage war with success, meaning to get the public';s support.

    no war can be won without the public believing in the morality of taking action.

    the public will never back a war that is morally bankrupt.

    and so rushbo and bill o rummy .. made big bucks while american boys werre being mutilated and decapitated .

    they have their blood on their hands and heads.

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