The Market, Now v. Past Crashes

Discussion in 'Stock Market' started by Toro, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Sovereign defaults are pretty much of a given. But since this is the stock market board I fail to see the relevance. If they occur in what the rest of the world sees as the Anglosphere of Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and to some extent the predominantly non-white English speaking nations too it could be bad. But Ireland did go into insolvency and the spillover to the US was nil. On the other hand if the Latin American, EU or Far East daisy chains take off a flight to safety to here is likely.

    If the reference is to the real economy then the answer is pretty much the same.
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    Not fucking there !
    Stock prices are the whole picture if you have money and they will indeed keep moving up for a bit.
    As companies leave murka, profit's skyrocket.
    The problem is when the middle class is officially dead these companies won't have anyone to market all of that utterly useless shit to.
    So. No matter what happens to the stock market the smart will get richer.
    The idiots will lose everything, as many people almost did a while back.
    The answer ?
    Non-precious metals. Everything else is bullshit.

    China and India are going to rock the tech and New Energy markets so murkin tech stocks are going to get real 'iffy" once again.

    Pharmas might be good, depending on how the health care sham goes.
    The majority of the pois....I mean chemicals...... they make and market are directed toward murkins.
    If the tax payer is buying, and you will be eventually, everyone will be on 20 meds and pharma stocks will soar. Until then ? I stalk.

    In closing. It's neither recession or depression. It's the end of an empire.
    If you're rich, enjoy it.
    If not ?
    Think Caracas, Rio or.....Detroit.
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