The man who escaped from North Korea's maximum security concentration camp

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    French daily newspaper Le Monde featured an article about Shin Dong Hyuk, a North Korean man who was born in a North Korea concentration camp where he lived a miserable life until his escape.

    The title of the article is Escape from Camp 14. It captures the devastating reality of the North Korean government's violation of human rights.

    In the book, Shin vividly describes what his life was like on the camp.

    Shin had to witness the execution of his mother and brother after their failed attempt to escape the camp, and Shin's father had to endure merciless torture that eventually took his eyesight.

    There were unimaginable violence and torture. People were treated less than animals and were forced into gruesome labor.

    Shin said the words love, empathy, and family were unthinkable and meaningless in the camp.

    Hitler's death camps and Stalin's gulag are continuing their legacy through North Korea's concentration camps. The North Korean government's propaganda boasting its nation as a utopia and a paradise is outrageous and ridiculous.

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