The Longest Night

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    If anyone has ever questioned the diabolical evil that is the driving force behind China and Russia, just have a look at who they are protecting. The UN Security Council plan to hold a second meeting on human rights in North Korea, was protested by China, Russia, Angola, and Venezuela.

    China called for a vote to stop the meeting with their Deputy UN Ambassador citing that the Security Council was not the place to address human rights. Ambassador Wang Min stated that the human rights situation of DPRK (North Korea) does not pose a threat to the international community's peace and security.

    Perhaps not. But waking up the international community to what Communist nations really do to their own people just might pose a threat to the peace and security of the communists who are plotting against us. If it disturbs the Communists? It's the right move!

    The UN Security Council was urged by the UN General Assembly to consider referring North Korea to the International Criminal Court. It is highly unlikely the motive behind the investigation has anything to do with the suffering of the North Korean people. Yet if it would lead to their freedom, it is a worthy endeavor even though the investigation is being led by a people as evil and corrupt as those being investigated.

    It would not be the first time God has used the wicked (UN) to send help for his own children. There are many Christians in North Korean work camps. According to North Korean defectors, Christians are treated the worst.

    The North Korean people are the most isolated, abused and persecuted people on the face of the earth today.

    This is the testimony of Soon Ok Lee:

    Soon Ok Lee was a faithful Communist born to a privileged family in North Korea. She was set up by Communist officials who tried to persuade her to bend the rules for them. When she refused, she was sent to a brutal prison work camp where she suffered horrific torture and abuse.

    Soon Lee reported that she was given labels “Made in China” and “Made in Russia” to sew into the merchandise she produced while in a North Korean prison camp. Is it any surprise that both China and Russia would not want an investigation into the human rights abuses going on inside of North Korea? After all, this is part of their labor force!

    Soon Lee said that all her life she had been taught that North Korea valued the lives of every human being. She had been kept in the dark, believing a lie. When she was sent to a prison camp she learned the truth. With her own eyes she saw guards kicking the stomachs of pregnant North Korean prisoners in order to force them to deliver. Once delivered, they would snap the neck of the tiny infant, cut the cord and order the prisoner back to work.

    The labor force inside North Korea are prisoners working 18 -20 hours a day with 4 hours sleep.
    It is a life that few in the free world could even fathom.
    It is a life that China and Russia do not want you to fathom.

    That is why we must break the silence.
    The night is far spent.
    It's time to wake people up.

    What has happened in North Korea is the prototype for what Communism desires globally. The Globalist agenda is a Communist One World Order.
    Open your eyes, America.

    There is only one definition for Communism and this is it.
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    I can't even imagine how bad that would be.
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