The life and times of Wolfstrike in the Los Angeles school system

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    A lot of people are shocked over the fact two teachers from the same school in the Los Angeles school system (LAUSD) have been arrested for molesting children.

    ...but i'm not surprised.

    The school system ignored an earlier complaint, then after these two schmucks, ...who look alike by-the-way, were arrested, then the LAUSD "fired" the whole staff in the school.
    The first guy was allowed , by the school district, to quit , so he's still eligable for pension.
    (although i think a felony will cancell that ...unless somone changed it, which is very possible)

    The girl who orginally complained is about to sue the citizens of Los Angeles for 15 million dollars.
    Ironic, since the citizens of Los Angeles no longer have any control over the school system.
    by "fired the staff" the LAUSD is moving them to a new school that hasn't opened yet.


    A long time ago , shortly after America was created, we had little red school houses, by the teacher.
    if the town didn't like the teacher, they hired someone else.

    Most schools were affiliated with churches.
    Within a short time in America's early history the school system rivaled any county and reached more of the rural population then any other nation.

    Then one day someone showed up and said "let's break these schools into districts. we'll collect more taxes to improve standards, and you can pay me $500,000 per year to make sure the buses are running on time.
    America fell for the BS, and there's been a perpetual monetary crisis in the school systems ever since.
    You CAN'T ask the public for more money when everything is working properly.


    I grew up going to Christian schools, grades 1 to 6.
    I KNOW a school system can work , I SAW IT WORK.
    The teachers and the administrators ruled the school with an iron fist.
    If you started acting stupid they were all over you like Oprah on a baked ham.
    When i entered 7th grade, my mother could no longer afford Christian school so i was dumped into the public school system.

    My introduction to public school was when i met eyes with one of our illegal immigrant friends across a courtyard, and he picked up a rock and lobbed it at my head. that was my first day in the public school 7th grade.
    School was never my thing.
    These kids were studying crap that i had already been over two grades before. it was strange for me to see kids who thought they were smart, learning lessons i had years ago.
    The girls would spend most of the day talking about music and clothes.
    I quickly realized that none of the teachers were paying any attention to me. midway through the 7th grade i stopped handing in any work. no teacher in the school said anything to me and all my grades stayed at "D"s.
    The last report card of the 8th grade, which was the last grade of that school, all the teachers dropped my grades to "F"s. I was pissed. After 2 years of doing nothing they dropped me to Fs and there was nothing i could do.
    7th/8th grade : Rumor was going around school that the gym teacher had been caught doing coke.
    I had a woodshop teacher go ballistic on me because i broke a button on a bandsaw.
    It seemed to me the school set it up that he had to pay for it because he was irate and tried to hand me a bill for $300.
    He couldn't afford the $300 on his 60k salary and pension plan so he tried to tell my mom, who was a single mother raising a kid, they she had to pay for it.
    My mom went to the school and told him to shove it.

    9th grade i had to attend another Jr. high before high school started.
    My friend told me that the woodshop teacher was sending him to the office every day and he didn't do anything.
    I said "yeah right"
    At the end of the year when the woodshop teacher found out that we were friends, he started sending me to the office every day.
    I had an English teacher that did nothing all day. I rember one day someone walked into the classroom and he jumped up and started writing crap on the board like he was teaching a class.
    The kids hated him. he had divided the desks into 2 sides of the room, and one day one kid through a paper at his head from one direction and when he turned around other kids threw paper from the other direction.
    One day we were watching a film and when a girl friend of mine walked into the classroom, the daylight Xrayed her skirt, i can still hear the pervert's voice in my head "hmm rrra ra raaa!"
    A couple of years later i was at the store and my friend said "Look! there's Mr Olsberg!"
    The guy scambled for his keys, hopped in the car and sped off.
    Why was he so scared? we never threatened him. it's because HE KNOWS he's a piece of crap that became a teacher just to get public money.

    I started to realize that some teachers were awarding grades based on what people looked like.
    This was proved to be a fact when one day my woodshop teacher and my art teacher were talking outside. i walked by and said "hi".
    In my art class i was getting an "A", and my woodshop teacher was failing me.
    They obviously talked about me , because after that my woodshop teacher started giving me better grades.

    10th and 11th high school was a massive collection of perverts.
    Friends of mine told me that one teacher was telling people she was raped by Elvis.
    One day i left my jacket in the gym after an assembly. I could see through the crack of the door that the school janitor picked up my jacket and was going through the pockets.
    I started yelling and kicking the door. People told the staff and it became a big incident, my other teachers started asking me about it. of course, they said they couldn't do anything.
    (Janitors in LAUSD are probably paid very well)
    One day i was walking to launch and a saw some kid placing pennies on the ground.
    i said "what the hell are you doing?"
    he says "watch. the assistant Principal is going to pick them up".
    he placed a trail of pennies on the ground and we watched the assistant Principal pick them up off the ground.
    The same kid told me that he heard the staff talking and they said that the assistant Principal was no longer allowed to have female teacher's assistants.
    Some time later i was called into the office and there was some immigrants girl there who was probably sent to the office for some sexual thing. I though to myself, "great! they sent some girl to the office to be disciplined by a pervert"
    We also had a couple of teachers who promoted drug use.

    in 10th grade i had a black history "teacher".
    we get into the class, he has everyone stand up , and he rearranged the whole seating lay-out. the placed all the whites and Hispanics in the back, and moved all the black kids to the front.
    i was happy to sit in the back.
    I really didn't understand what was happening at the time. now, of course, i realize that this guy was bent on racism.
    I remember the first thing we did was open out "history" book , and he had us flip to a page that showed drawings of the KKK outfits.
    I remember he talked about slavery most of the time.
    About 2 weeks into the class he says to me "if you don't want to participate, just let me know and i won't disturb you" , i said "ok, deal!".
    I sure missed out on history that year, ...KKK clothing trends and such.
    WE NEVER read books from cover to cover, the school picks oput what they want to teach, and obviously they ignor the required reading.
    One day he handed me a note and he said "go deliver this".
    I found the classroom i walk inside and there's all these weird kids in a dark classroom.
    I handed the note to the teacher, and she said "tell him, this class is full right now".
    I walked back to my class and told him the info.
    I didn't realize until later that this bastard tried to single handily enter me into some special ed class.

    The school i was at had a female Principal, her name was Donna.
    It was well known in my school that our Principal Donna was the same Donna who was referenced in Ritchie Valen's song , "Oh Donna", and later became a school teacher.
    This was something i believed for most of my life.
    In preparing for this thread i decided to do some quick research, and, of course, that was all BS too.

    when i entered 11th grade most of my friends graduated.
    our group became a lot smaller.
    suddenly we started to pick up a lot of flak from the gang members the school district was kind enough to bus in.
    Toward the end of 11th , suddenly my 1st period English teacher started to get stern with me. I came in late and she sent me to the office.
    I spent the whole hour talking to my guidance counsilor about what kind of guitars and amps would be good for him to buy for his son.
    Later on he picked up my file and said "wow! there's no way you can graduate"
    (this was only the second time since 7th grade anyone said anything about my grades).
    The next day i was late again and the teacher sent me to the office again.
    The guidance counsilor picked up a bucket and a scaper , i said "what's that?" , he said "Your going to spend the hour scaping gum off the walkways"
    I said "bullsht i am!"
    He said " then you're kicked out"
    I said "OK bye"

    The End.


    So now i have gone though the trouble of listing exacty what the school system is like.
    I hope you read it and paid attention, because there is no way you could support this collection of perverts.

    I heard the Las Vegas public school system was collecting $16,000 of tax payer money , per student, per year.
    they had so much money they decided they didn't want to pay the phone company and the purchased their own phone system from France.

    the LAUSD has to be collecting far more money then that.
    the LAUSD does not answer to the city, they have their own inspectors and are a city within themselves.
    they produce an amazing amount of drop-outs every year, and no one can tell them sht.

    Forget the sob stories.
    the only thing these Socialists want is a job where they're paycheck is extorted from the public, and the less work they do , the funnier they think it is.

    what do i think?
    i think these school systems need to be completely dissolved and rebuilt.
    the LAST thing we should do is give them more money.

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    Judging from your writing skills I'd guess that you made it through the 7th grade. The only thing I take from your diatribe is that the first six years in the "Christian School" turned you into an antisocial boob who was unable to deal with the simple task of getting a basic education in the years that followed. You might want to seek professional help, its never too late.

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