The Lib Media/Nevada Dems/Fox News

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Adam's Apple, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Saw a great political cartoon last week about this incident. Showed Fox News in the hen house, and the chickens (lib media) flying out the door and away from the hen house as fast as they could go.

    The Netroots’ Fox Folly
    By Dan Gerstein for Political Mavens
    March 14, 2007

    Yesterday The Politico published dueling commentaries from MyDD’s Matt Stoller and yours truly on the Netroots’ successful campaign to kill the Fox-sponsored Democratic presidential debate in Nevada. If you get a chance, I’d encourage you to read both pieces, especially Stoller’s. It is probably the best explication of the left’s vendetta against Fox I have seen. It is also a perfect example of the fatally-flawed logic that too often fuels the Netroots’ self-defeating tactics.

    for full article:

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