The Liar: Political Fable(?)

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    This is a politics-optimism tale inspired by Citizen Kane.

    Signing off (Happy Father's Day USMB!),


    An idealistic journalist named Thomas Samson working for the Washington Post was inspired by the politically-courageous yellow-journalism of iconic/historic American journalist and newspaper-man Willian Randolph Hearst, whose symbolic life inspired Orson Welles' seminal patriotism-meditation film Citizen Kane (widely-regarded by many as the greatest movie ever made).

    Samson was so inspired by Hearst that he decided to start creating editorials in the Post about various incredible tales of feats of the CIA (American intelligence-office/organization) in the Middle East. Of course, these tales were all fictional, but Samson used real political information and facts to construct these tales so that readers might consider them as possible 'deeds' of the CIA and U.S. government. You see, Samson wanted Americans to feel good about governance and political force!

    When asked why he did what he did by his peers at the Post, Samson explained that he sincerely believed in the scope and reach of democracy and how American citizens can make democracy seem/feel 'alive' and even sensitive to the daydreams of everyday people. It was a grand and optimistic notion, and Samson truly believed in it; so, when capitalism-baron and American celebrity Donald Trump was elected as U.S. President, Samson wrote, "The Trump Administration is busy coordinating policies with the CIA to determine how best to deal with eco-activism in Algeria (a member-nation of OPEC), since eco-policies are now in the realm of commerce (and Trump is a real 'commerce-celebrity/diplomat')!"

    Samson's daughter Lilah really loved Samson's optimism and encouraged her dad to keep writing his pro-democracy yellow-journalism oriented editorials in the Post. Samson realized he had a true fan in Lilah and decided to continue writing his strange and intriguing pro-democracy 'conspiracy/yellow-journalism' editorials in the Post. Samson's peers at the Post even started referring to the idealistic journalist/writer as the 'modern-day Hearst.' Samson wondered if a movie studio would now want to adapt his 'tale/bio' into a full-length Hollywood (USA) film (perhaps starring Charlie Sheen or Kevin Kline!).

    One summer, Samson and Lilah decided to travel to a nice summer cabin in the Poconos and vacation there. They made a campfire and roasted marshmallows and sang songs about American dreams and youthful carefree human happiness. Then, one night, a stranger entered their cabin (while they slept) and woke the two up and told them a terrible omen. "I know of your works at the Post, Samson, and I can see that your daughter (Lilah) is quite charmed by your sense of American idealism; however, your life is in danger (there are political forces who simply do not want your brand of politically 'motivating' yellow-journalism). So cease your activities at the Post, or I will have to kill you and your daughter myself..."

    The stranger promptly disappeared and Samson and Lilah rushed back to their home in D.C. and then Samson purchased a secret apartment in Switzerland where the two could hide-out from anyone seeking to 'politically-assassinate' them (such as the stranger himself!). Samson spent the rest of his days raising his daughter in Switzerland under new fake names and IDs so the two would remain safe for the remainder of their lives. Samson would still take his 8 year-old daughter to a charming lake in Switzerland where the two would stargaze and muse about the potential of human happiness. Samson continued to wonder, however, if political activism in modern times was simply...heresy.



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