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    Perhaps the best of writing happens by writers who are driven by profound emotion without writing in descriptive detail about their emotion(s). On so many levels, and not because I aim to necessarily inform so many of things I assume is not already known, emotion is a type of Holy Spirit.

    In the last several years, I have watched with complex feelings the spiraling minx of the social flux between chaos and uniformed patternization.

    We have, in some cases, teachers that have so little clue what to do the children in their classrooms because of what seems to be a continued down spiral of rebellion and corrupt values, in other cases we have parents that seem to take great pride in teaching their children to not be enslaved by the current systems at work, to not be 'informed and educated'.

    I don't know, but perhaps the worst of the blows being given are to the bus drivers who have both the parents (who do go to the bus stop)and the children (who do attempt to have reasonable attendance).

    I don't get out much and I am not around a lot of people, but sometimes I hear some of the most baffling things coming from people I admire on many levels.

    Bus drivers NEED help in some cases, and I have heard more in the last two years about certain bus routes that makes me wonder why the board of education has not notified the residents on those routes to have a meeting, of sorts, between them and the bus drivers who actively haul their 'precious cargo' to school every day.

    I don't argue ridiculously with loud mouth bitchy people who have something to say about every breeze blowing their way, however, my children ride a school bus to school and if my children are corrupt and misbehaving, loud mouthed and/or ill-tempered and disrespectful toward the bus driver, no matter who or how she is... I would expect him/her to suspend my children's bus privilege.

    That's right, it is a privilege for us parents and our children to have those bus drivers who safely transport our children to and from school daily, they do not deserve to be slandered and/or attacked by us without ample consideration toward the whole matter of whatever may be going on.
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