The left goes after corporations/businesses...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Some Guy, Aug 3, 2012.

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    ...but not the entertainment industry.

    We know that entertainment stars are in the 1%, but when you hear the rhetoric from the left about the rich and why they need to pay more, it's directed toward major corporations, wall street, etc... never the entertainment industry. We're told, or perhaps led to believe, that CEOs, business owners, etc, simply make too much money and therefore need to pay more. Why not entertainers? There's major movie stars out there making $15+ per film, television stars making $1+ million per episode. LeBron James is on pace to make more than a billion dollars for playing basketball. The minimum salary for an NBA player is more than $500k per year, over $1 million for veterans of the game. Alex Rodriguez makes almost $30 million in salary alone for playing baseball, not to mention the endorsement deals these players make on top of their salary. The NFL has billion dollar TV deals.

    So what's the deal? Is it as simple as "most entertainers are on the left?"

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