The land of the free. Fact or meaningless rhetoric?

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    The land of the free. Fact or meaningless rhetoric?

    Rhetoric is described as language that is not honest, sincere, or meaningful.

    I am French. French has no word that equates to freedom or free will as understood by the English. This makes freedom and land of the free pure rhetorical statements and basically a dishonest statement. These terms are ideas or a reality that are impossible to have.

    Freedom and free will then just becomes something that I would name as liberty. Liberty is described as permission especially to go freely within specified limits. That says to me that we are only free to follow the rules of society and those in power.

    That being the case, is land of the free a true and meaningful expression?

    Would it be more accurate to say land of liberty to follow the rules?

    Free will is defined as freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention.

    Free will translates to being your own master and not having your will hampered by any outside influence not of your choosing.

    Does any law or divine command negate free will, freedom of choice and the notion of a ---- Land of the free?


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