The John Wilkes Booth Memorial Address(?)

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    Sic Semper Tyrannis," Rings Out, still in history!

    Complete with no lesson plan, "Write letters to the President with suggestions to help him find ways to die in office:" The national health care debate finally has a Senate Offering, worthy of "The Great Overseer" title. That is the title that Abraham Lincoln was more likely to have been named in all of history, had he lived. Clearly, the Ivy League, the Ivy League Lawyers especially--and the law professors--are impressed with how that came about! "The Great Overseer" would become the right concept.

    Historians settled upon a comical title instead, and put it in the textbooks.

    Anyone might have expected that a National Health Insurance plan might have started with a debate about underwriting assumptions. On the one hand, there are excesses in coverage--and lawyers to go along with that--and people who want to buy it: In the current market. On the other hand there are medical disasters for which underwriting is a likely non-starter. Those patients would likely be better served in federally funded, research centers--increasing both the liklihood of a cure, and of cures that would be applied in other cases. The Terry Schiavo problem would not arise.

    In-between would be the regular insurable, with federal medical oversight, lessening the likihood of high-priced lawsuits.

    So much for that kind of concept.

    Even the newly announced Senate version retains MediCaid, guts MediCare, taxes certain types of providers, and beneficiaries--and all health insurance companies--and imposes fines and penalties for being uninsured. There is a concept of a federal internet exchange, with friendly(?) "call center" connections--no doubt just like at Social Security Administration--just waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be helpful. Insurance companies provide pre-approved marketing materials for benefits meeting a federal standard. Allegedly there is provision for "competition" among price-fixing Overseers with perfect information about the marketplace, and prices, in which they are at work.

    So there is retained a MediCare bureaucracy, a Multi-State MediCaid bureaucracy, a call-center bureaucracy, and a federal standards bureaucracy--aka point of lobbying attention. The federal taxing bureaucracy gets involved. There is a monopoloy of allowed, profit-making organizations or allegedly non-profit organizations--And finally, people essentially have to pay for this on their own.

    National Health Insurance, in America, reduces to a mandatory tax, complete with fines and penalties.

    Underwriting has nothing to do with it!

    And somebody: Actually came up with this idea! "The Great Overseer" of all of our national health benefits is also about fraud and deception built-in, and at several levels.

    President George Bush, I or II, easily: Could buy into the national health administration being created at the federal level. Even, "Forty Acres And A Mule," eventually left the federal and state bureaucracies out of the picture. The market was not divided among overseer's organizations. "Forty Acres and A Mule," clearly, died a quick death in America.

    That brings us to current events. ABC-TV News Los Angeles, entertained the early morning viewers with one of the Hollywood Hillside, multi-story, single-family units going up in flames. Possibly even reminding the local Clergy of the Holy Father's own Christian Hitler Youth: The hillside streets were narrow, and hard to get through, and so-like the quaint European neighborhoods of one-time Eastern Europe. They were so easily converted into "plans," for the Reich. In Hollywood, the fire companies eventually arrived. Actually, the palm trees surrounding the residence did not ignite the neighbhorhood, and the brush had been cleared from the hillsides. The fire was shown out during a national news-break.

    What does a plantation, or a ghetto, have to do with a national health plan? The answer is absolutely nothing! The multitude of federally funded, profiteering plans, has nothing to do with the national medical health at all! Overlay of make-work, federally-funded jobs, has nothing to do with any underwriting whatsover. No death panels are created, but opportunities for medical research are not created.

    Status-Quo, Ante-Obama, "The Great Overseer," does come to mind. Underwriting, apparently, is not on the table at all!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    ("No Taxation, Without Misrepresentation!" to boot! Is it any wonder that anti-heroes, in the Colonies, so easily assume Celebrity Status, complete with extensive coverage(?)!)

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