The Iron Lady

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    I watched this on Pay Per View the other night as I have a great deal of respect for Dame Margret Thatcher. I never really looked into her private life and was curious about it.

    All I really learned, besides a few things from her youth, is that she was haunted by delusions of her deceased husband. That appeared to be the nexus of the film.

    Meryl [Mary Louise] Streep gave a good performance as a dottering old lady who was in the fading years of her life. Did it merit the Oscar she won? I don't think so. But, I've never agreed with the Oscars which, to me, are nothing but a bunch of egomaniacs scratching each others backs.

    Would I recommend it to you? Iffy. Depends upon your taste. If you want to learn more about Baroness Thatcher's life and accomplishments – no. If you want to learn more about her family life – not really.

    Out of 5 – I would give it 2 ½ stars

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