The invention of global warming

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    With all the media hype about "global warming," many have become confused not only about the facts, but even what is the real issue. Why has the "global warming" myth been pushed at us so fervently in recent years? Who is behind this deception, and for what purpose? This excerpt from the JAHG-USA Newsletter (see explains.


    Factual Background:
    For decades, environmentalists have complained that human activities — industrial production, automobiles, etc. — produce too much atmospheric pollution. Carbon dioxide, being possibly the largest single "pollutant" from human sources, became a favorate target.

    The first problem with attacking carbon dioxide is that it isn't toxic. It's in the air we breathe, and it doesn't cause health problems. And it's produced by natural sources (animals, decaying organic matter, natural forest fires, volcanoes, etc.) far more than by human ones. That made it hard for environmentalists to sell people on the notion that we must dismantle industry in order to cut back carbon dioxide emissions, so they changed tactics.

    By the 1980s, environmentalist radicals (including many leftists and Marxists working as "scientific" researchers) were claiming that if carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were to increase significantly, it would create a "greenhouse effect" in which the air would trap more heat on earth and… well, that would be sheer chaos, they say. Vegetation and animals would die off, polar ice caps would melt and the rising oceans would swallow the land, humans would die of famine and disease, and the world would be utterly destroyed. It was like something from a "Twilight Zone" episode (or a Godzilla movie).

    More legitimate scientists have pointed out that (1) the earth has seen large, natural variations in overall temperature over the course of centuries, which drastically altered world climates without disaster (the globe has been many degrees warmer in the past), and (2) even if the earth would warm up, that might present benefits rather than destruction.

    But all this may be moot, since there's actually no evidence of a "global warming" anyway. Even the leftist radicals who dominate the National Academy of Sciences and who recently declared a "global warming" crisis couldn't find anything more than, at most, a one degree increase in temperature over the last century — one of the slowest temperature changes in world history. And even that is rubbish. The data behind that conclusion was a series of temperature measurements biased by something called the "urban heat island" effect, in which cities show higher temperatures than the surrounding countrysides (because buildings, pavement, and machinery tend to produce or trap more heat); when adjusting for the over-reading of temperatures in cities, one finds no global increase in temperature at all. This was the primary reason so many scientists have opposed the "global warming" hype.

    But then, there's no reason for carbon dioxide to cause "global warming" in the first place. Even if humans could produce enough carbon dioxide to change atmospheric levels (which we don't), that extra carbon dioxide would simply be absorbed by nature. It would fuel a dramatic growth in forests and lush vegetation (which consume carbon dioxide), and would lead to thriving ecosystems while the atmospheric levels would keep returning to normal. So nature wouldn't even allow the possibility of "global warming."

    The fact is, scientists still don't understand the processes underlying global temperature shifts upward and downward of several degrees over the course of centuries. Whatever the complex causes, carbon dioxide probably doesn't play a significant role.

    Yet environmentalists still try to insist they're seeing rising temperatures that are melting ice in Canada and Greenland, while blatantly ignoring the growing freeze in Antartica, where rising snow levels are burying research stations and their equipment. What's the environmental agenda behind twisting science and frightening the public?

    The environmentalist movement was largely created by grants and funding from Fabian Socialists running large tax-exempt foundations such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and its affiliates, the Carnegie Endowment, and so forth. A congressional investigation in the early 1950s discovered that the directors of these foundations are using their funds to support Marxist revolution and propaganda of various types, with the ultimate goal of transforming the United States into a Soviet-style Communist nation. And it was funding from such institutions that created virtually the entire interlocking network of environmentalist groups.

    Some of those groups now have open ties to the Communist Bloc, such as Greenpeace, which is supported by Soviet intelligence, is provided Soviet money, and works with Soviet agents in formulating its propaganda (see an article on the subject on our sister site, ATTAC Report, entitled "Greenpeace Wages Redwar"). Greenpeace is interconnected with both the more "moderate" environmentalist groups, such as the Sierra Club, and with openly Marxist, terrorist groups such as Earth First! and the Earth Liberation Front. And many other eco-groups have similar Marxist ties.

    The environmentalists are simply using pseudo-science to disguise their Communist goal: to dismantle industrial society step by step, until the increasingly disfunctional economy becomes an easy target for revolution and Socialist destruction.

    Relevant Torah Principles:
    1) One of the mandates of Jewish Law is to develop the land of Israel, especially in building cities and urban areas. It is forbidden under Jewish Law to dismantle urban development in favor of restoring farmland or wild nature. In general, this development process is part of the Jewish work of "Tikkun HaOlam" ("repairing the world"), which involves correcting the imperfection of nature through human development.

    2) Under the Noahide Laws, this isn't just one of the mandates; it's the entire mandate. The core purpose of gentiles in G-d's plan is to develop the world physically by filling it with more population, by transforming the land through construction and development, and by exploiting and harnessing natural resources. The industrial revolution represents a further stage in the human obligation under G-d's Law to develop the world, and is an imminent preparation for the Messianic Era that will be fueled by capital-development ("capitalist") economies that will produce endlessly abundant wealth.

    3) This mandate of development isn't a "right"; it's an obligation, a duty under G-d's Law. Consequently, the underlying principles of the Noahide Laws empower gentile governments to enforce this obligation, if necessary. If there are people opting for a return to nature in their own lives, the government may pass laws to discourage this and put pressure on those people to repent and return to their duty of building civilization. If an entire environmentalist movement arises, there is no question the government is positively obligated to outlaw the movement and all of its anti-social activities, with severe penalties if needed, in order to suppress it as a subversive danger to society.

    4) In wartime, any movement that seeks to damage the economy and undermine the society isn't just rebelling against the mandate for growth; it's violating the Noahide commandment of upholding justice. It threatens the very stability of the nation itself and undermines the war effort, and thus amounts to treason, which brings death penalty.

    We are today at war with international Communism, which already rules over one-third of the world and is bringing the rest of the nations to the brink of chaos and collapse. Their slow attack of internal subversion is weakening all nations in preparation for the more overt attack coming soon.

    Environmentalism constitutes one arm of Communist subversion of non-Communist societies (Communist regimes themselves completely ignore environmental issues in their aggressive building of war machines). Thus the environmentalist movement, from the most "respectable" conservationist groups to the most violent eco-radicals, are a treasonous fifth column that threatens our national security and endangers our lives.

    Not only must we dismantle existing environmental regulations (especially those meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions), but the government must take aggressive legal action to suppress the environmentalist movement and its sponsors and affiliates. Communist and Fabian Socialist agents must be rooted out through comprehensive investigations and executed as traitors.

    Those subversives will ultimately destroy themselves and kill one another at the end of the third War of Gog and Magog (as foretold in prophecy). But if we fail to act ourselves, our nations will go through a period of terrible crises and economic disasters before it's all over.

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