The Incessant Demand For Increased Federal Revenue

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    Obama will work with Republicans if they agree to raise taxes

    In what has become about the only area of consistency from this administration, Obama is once again asking for "just a little bit more" from America's "wealthy".

    It's been the same story for everything from extending student loan interest rates to increasing the debt ceiling to any and all halfhearted attempts at reduced federal spending. INCREASED FEDERAL REVENUE, going so far as to imply we can't reduce spending without generating more money for government to spend which one would then assume would go to paying down the debt but one would be dead wrong in that assumption. There is no way we can even begin to think about paying down the debt and getting this nation on a more secure financial footing before we address the federal government's addiction to spending, frivolous and otherwise. Every dime is spent long before it's ever collected. And then to compound the problem of our inability to live within our means, we're borrowing everyday just to keep the machine running.

    Obama needs to realize, win or lose, he has absolutely no credibility when it comes to any desire he might claim to have in regard to reducing federal spending. As such, there is no reason to get all "race baity" when many Americans are adamantly opposed to any and all efforts to "increase federal revenue". Show us what you intend to do were any of your demands for increased federal revenue met. Show us you know how to lead and make the tough decisions today that will benefit us all later and I'm betting much of that opposition would evaporate.

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