The Ideology of Socialist Conquest

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    The Ideology of Socialist Conquest
    19 Mar, 2019 ~~ By Alexander G. Markovsky
    The struggle between egalitarianism and wealth creation is being watched by the world with awe and apprehension -- the winner will proceed to prescribe America’s future. The Democratic Party carries a powerful ideological message of economic equality. It appeals to those who see themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, and exploited victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with envy that there are people of the extraordinary intelligence, ambition, and aggressiveness, and rich, and that they are not them. The Democrats have corralled the “victims” with promises of a better life, free health care, free education, more benefits, and laws to bill all this to “the rich.” In pursuit of this ideology, they incite the fury of the “victims” against “the rich” and vilify them for not giving up their wealth voluntarily.… Just as their ideological predecessors, the Democrats, bonded by the ideology, impelled by conviction, and indifferent to common principles of constitutional legitimacy, accept no moral or constitutional limitations to implement the party’s messianic mission. By skillfully mobilizing resentment and capitalizing on the ideological weakness of the Republicans, they have accrued a high level of success and ultimate redefined our Republic. In some states of the Union, the Democratic legislature, in an effort to secure its rule in perpetuity, offers suffrage to foreigners.
    In the absence of the ideological counterweight, the intoxicating songs of the sirens of economic equality and universal happiness will eventually lure this already indoctrinated population into what President Reagan called, “a thousand years of darkness.”

    Progressive Marxist Socialist ideology is very simple, victory by any means necessary, which is why socialism and Islam are incestuous together. Islam is ripe with permitted deceptions to non-Muslims to do whatever it takes to conquer.
    In Marxism Socialism there are only oppressors and oppressed. If someone is successful they are not oppressed so they must be an oppressor and must be punished.
    The only part of socialism that appeals to the Marxocrats is the absolute power it would give them. Even a lot of Republican pols salivate at the thought; they just don't speak it.
    Unfortunately, thanks to Academia, their constituents and their voters are only taught (indoctrinated) with the theory of socialism, the practice and certain failure as demonstrated for a century is never mentioned, Sheep being led to slaughter, and we are attacked for refusing to go along.
    Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Chavez and now Maduro are all symptoms, socialism is the disease, and freedom is the cure. Anybody who makes common cause with the greatest despotism in world history is profoundly evil, breath takingly stupid and a democrat.
    Unless Immigration legal and illegal are stopped we will lose our country and constitution. Immigrants flee socialist hell-holes, and then vote Democrat to turn USA into socialist hell hole! I fear only armed revolution will stop this as most (bribed) Republican politicians are for open borders.
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    "I fear only armed revolution will stop this as most (bribed) Republican politicians are for open borders."

    Even usa today talks about civil war 2 i don't think we're gonna avoid it .
    Hopefully history will record the patriots didn't start it , and never asked for it.

    if we win we win
    if they win they still lose

    Because if they win How many eggs ya think they're going to break on their way to Marxist utopia?

    good luck progressives if youre in the burbs of any major metro area
    roof korean.JPG
    beware of roof koreans
    how many boogies and commies ya think they'll pick off?
    ya think Koreans are getting on the truck ? their northern brothers eat grass and the southerners have the same problem with their own lefties. put three Koreans together in America they form a church :04:

    my scenario : after the fighting done i think the country is going to fracture .
    most urban areas you'll probably see a whole list of totalitarian mass grave filling goodies like that good ol classic "forced collective farming". oh the crowded north eastern burbs are going to be super super fun ..they'll be lucky if theyre eating new green deal crickets ...but i doubt it

    id imagine they'd throw an eco in their some where
    eco cricket and dirt farm #18

    southerners can make fun but in the mountains of NYS and the woods of new england
    rednecks ...with ammo

    theirs still a lot of hard working patriots and more importantly good men a SHTF world i don't think they're gonna get on the truck all nice an peaceful or let someone drag their families away ....not gonna happen

    the country is going out Spanish style
    we had a good run ...we rocked

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