The Hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freeandfun1, Oct 30, 2004.

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    The Democratic Party is so full of hypocrites, it is sickening.

    Here in Vegas we have a guy running for office that:

    1) Worked for a big NYC law firm where HE personnally represented big oil companies and members of the Saudi royal family.

    2) Moved here from California four months ago so he could run for office. He has NEVER voted in Nevada.

    3) Was an executive at Park Place Entertainment (they own Ceasars Palace and many other casinos throughout the world) where, as CEO, he laid off thousands of Nevada workers right after 9-11 because of the downturn in the gaming industry, yet he himself took a $1 million bonus that year on top of his $1 million a year salary. Then, when he was fired for poor performance, he was given and additional $9 million severance package.

    Now, guess who is endorsing this DEMOCRAT for a congressional seat here in Las Vegas? You got it, every Democrat you can think of that blasts Bush for his "connections" to the Saudis and oil. Shelley Berkley (fitting name), ex-Gov. Miller and of course, the always above board (sarcasm) Harry Reid.

    These same Democrats have blasted Bush recently for his connections to oil and the Saudis yet now they are on TV every day endorsing a man that is scum.

    Thank goodness he is way behind in the polls!

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