the hindenberg omen YESTERDAY

Discussion in 'Stock Market' started by funkslug, Aug 17, 2010.

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    The hindenberg omen
    which has been declared today
    and gold going up too
    only says something to me
    that the US stock market
    is soon to be History

    so strap yourselves in for
    a rough ride, and if you have
    stocks and shares now
    sell them quick and go
    on holiday to thailand to
    buy some cheap quality gold
    south africa too for lots
    of krugerands, cos the dollar
    in your pocket been watered
    and toilet paper soon

    as is any number on
    any of your bank statements
    capitalisms finish looks like
    going to be sooner than you think
    and they can steal all the money
    in your bank, called hyperinflation
    google the weimar republic
    and good luck, your going to need it

    peace x

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