The High-End Income, High-End Educated, London Wallet-Grab Affair

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    Anyone is reminded that the G-20 conference was about the economics of 20 of the tens of dozens of United Nations members. President Barack Obama reminded the assembled audience and viewers that the planet is no longer about FDR and Churchill. There are now 18, apparently identified as "other."

    With the international census now addressed, $1.0 tril. was pledged for the approximately 4.0 bil. not just left behind, but left out. In the world of "Chump Change:" With American tax-filers now all eligible for about $400.00 annually per, that leaves everyone else with about $250.00

    Mostly the Chinese are likely Jealous. Mostly Europe and some civilized other places have seguro social, in a welfare state arrangement--already.

    The Obama Nomination got its famous "momentum," from the High-End Educated, High-End Income, Cross-over GOP disgusted with Yale I, Bush I, Term I; Yale II, Clintonsm Terms I and II, and Yale III, Bush II, terms I and II. Even One of them nodded off, or otherwise managed to show just how sick he really was.

    So we arrive a the "faux pas" of London: Of the ladies shown reaching. . . well, for it all.

    No doubt the impoverished were impressed!

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